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  • exept for the bugs, I clearly disagree.
    It was a very nice season final. with typical aardman humor.
    It's also been the first episode where I got stuck a bit and had to turn the hints on.
    I liked this episode.
    Some bug fixes in the DVD release would be highly appreciated!
  • I actually loved it! Much more challenging puzzles than the first two episodes, I think it's definitely on par (excuse the golf pun) with Muzzled!. A good finish to the series.
  • I didn't really notice those technical problems you mentioned.. guess I was enjoying the game too much to notice.
  • I noticed crack lines in the character's faces (most noticeably in PC Dibbins facial close-up) but it was a minor graphical issue and I did have everything turned up to 9 :)
  • I got the impression that this episode was rushed slightly, or not given proper attention, as there were a few glitches and silly errors in it, but the actual adventure itself was pretty good. Once again the characters were all interesting to talk to, and the story was suitably bonkers, with a fitting final scene for W&G.
  • Yeah, I was kind of bothered by the crack lines, but the game playing was a lot of fun. I was highly amused by trying to get out of the accidental proposal, and much enjoyed the increased challenge on the puzzles. It was much more engaging for me than some of the others. Although I still love LR for the whole Agatha Christie feel to it.
  • The content was AMAZING, and I'd put it up there with the better Sam and Max episodes. Not quite "Chariots of the Dogs", but definitely a great conclusion. The facial cracks were fairly annoying, but also not game-breaking, I guess.

    I found the puzzles to be fun, creative, and surprisingly difficult for a Telltale game. It was simply excellent, and I loved the whole experience. If they'd all been like Bogey Man, I wouldn't have minded the 4 episode structure.
  • I've only seen the walkthrough on Youtube & the sand trap puzzle was the coolest part.
  • The sand trap was brilliant, although I couldn't help but wonder why they put it in the end of the last part. It clearly shows all of the characters relations and made me actually appreciate them more than I had previously, when they didn't interact with each other that much. I didn't find the puzzles any harder than the rest of the season, but maybe that's because I'm now used to how the games logic works.

    Still, Last Resort is the best episode to me and Muzzled is probably the worst.
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