So a YouTuber already played the episode. So if you are interested:

You can comment here your review of the series/season finale as you play it today/tomorrow :)



  • And this is the ending of the game (i didnt watch the vid, so i dunno if its legit)

  • But the trailer is not out yet how can he play the ep

  • Where do you live

  • Pretty cool boss fight. Sounds like the Bruce-Selina relationship is over.

  • You have played the ep

  • I think people will be bummed out about the Selina thing but what did people really expect? She was a user and a backstabber, and that's why i always thought not sleeping with was a good idea. Always trust your bros before hoes.

    I thought watching it the episode was pretty good, not the best of the series but pretty good. The ending was always going to happen with The Joker confirming his spot for the main antagonist for season 2 but Batman was a great season well done by telltale. I came into expecting not much, and walked away being mighty impressed.

  • Kind of sad we turned out to be a despicable character and that she could not be redeemed. So much potential, maybe for season 2.

  • I've heard that even if you say you love her, she brushes it off and actually ridicules Bruce for "being like everyone else". I'd be interested to see the % of how many people confessed their love for her compared to people who would abuse her.

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    I really don't understand how can Telltale be happy with her characterization post episode 3. This is a really lame conclusion, and if Telltale's intentions were to make me look down on her then mission accomplished.

    Can we get her locked up by the way ?

    What happens if you went on a full pro Selina walkthrough, does the scene change ?

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    She says that Bruce or Batman was just another job of hers, like Harvey, except that Bruce was more "intriguing" which would explain she lusted over Bruce. The story implies that in episode 3 that she starts to have feelings for him and then episode 4 to the end, she uses him. Well, hopefully in season 2 if they make it, she comes back, because if that's how she is ending, then yes it was a bit soft.

    No, pretty much she still steals a gadget from the wayne tech (it's a key thing that can unlock any key if i remember) and Bruce confronts her before leaving, she gives it back and then she goes on abouut how she used him and Harvey and then you have the choice to either be mean to her, or profess your love for her, either way, she leaves and you can tell her that if she does anything, he will catch her. So yeah, little lovers tiff and then she literally leaves in the sunset. Sorry had to re edit, even if you're 100% pro Selina, she still saysd it was a job and she used Bruce and even if you profess your love for her, she ridicules you for being the same as everyone else and leaves.
    Pretty annoying for Selina fans.

  • You know...I would be upset...but that is so Selina...very much the mercenary. I woulda been more upset if she could have been tamed so easily.

  • I watched the video...I am one of those people who skips to the last chapter of a book just to see how it ends. One thing I know in Comics and well anything...if we do not see Vicki's body...bitch aint dead.

  • Well, I can see a Season 2 happening around 2017.

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    Spoilers allowed. Ok. Encountered funny bug. In Asylum Batman's new armour disappeared. Without explanation. He wore basic one during final confrontation.

    And why Vicki wanted to escape through main door while another exit was closer, near the statue; the one Bruce and Alfred used. I don't understand.

  • The ending fight is utterly ridiculous vale can take full blown shots to the face and being kicked through stone pillars.

    She is laughably overpowered and seems superhuman

  • Hmmm @Ja1862 , you do realize calling the last fight ridiculous because she can take those hits in a comic universe where people can stop bullets...leap tall buildings in a single faster than time, is itself a ridiculous thing. It is a Comic Book Universe where the heroes and villains are like the titans of lore. They are more powerful and smarter....stronger and more human. Comic Books use the unreality of the setting to reflect the hopes and dreams as well as the nightmares of our reality. Vicki being a augmented powerhouse is very much in keeping with the story.

  • it annoys me how no matter what there's no way to convince selina to stay to redeem herself same with Oswald or Harvey that's kind of disappointing also with vicki cause it would have been nice to at least redeem one of them.

  • This is a spoiler thread, and I just watched a different way to redeem Harvey, but depending on how you talk to him, he either becomes more of Two-Face or remains more Harvey. The more support you show for as Harvey's friend, it appears, the more you get Harvey.

  • Glad that Selina left Gotham with her tail between her legs, she did not complete her job, she could not steal from Bruce (she had to give back the key).

    Bruce won.

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    If you don't stop Harvey from flipping his coin does he kill himself?

    Or does Bruce randomly act without you pressing anything?

  • So I get that maybe it wasn't the time with all the guns and deaththreats and hostages and whatnot but Harvey's all "I could always count on your friendship...until that time with Selina" and I was a bit put-out I couldn't remind him that, once again, nothing happened. Though I guess what would even happen if you convinced him? He just lets everyone go and stops his sudden coin fixation (and where did his inability to make choices come from in this universe?)

    I was glad that depending on what you said he either tried to kill Bruce or tried to kill himself. He's just so devastated at the end as they lead him away despite Bruce never wavering in belief for him...and then you find that elect Harvey business card...

  • I want to see if it's possible with Oswald too. Most playthroughs I have seen involves Bruce being a complete jerk to Oswald. Yes, Oswald deserves some of the dislike, but I do feel for Oswald when it comes to his family.

  • It took me forever to find a playthrough that not only had taken care of Harvey in episode four and didn't try to distract Oz at the crucial moment by telling him his mother deserved Arkham. I guess people were either mad at him (even if they'd been nice before) or thought that would distract him more than other options but DAMN. I could never pick that one. Too low of a blow.

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    The technical issues I've faced and it seems like a lot others have during this episode is just insane. Hell, the first twenty minutes was technically horrible. I have to also say how they dealt with Selina was just horrible in my opinion. That's more so on the whole reason for her even being in the game is to give a reason for Harvey going insane. Would work if they gave something from Harvey's past that could connect to Selina and be given as a "breaking point". Though, if you go one route it absolutely makes no sense for Harvey to go insane. Especially since he was drugged he talked about how he wanted to do good for the city. Yet, if you save him then you have him going crazy the next episode plotting to kill people. The storytelling in this series started out strong but became a mess. Felt tremendously rushed and to be honest it feels like this game could have easily been extended at least three more episodes. They tried cramming a lot of shit in to get to the overall point and neglected a lot of details. Like GoT though there are scenes you will and won't get if you don't go that route. Which is nice but I hate how a lot of scenes just don't seem to flow together. Almost like they just inserted them there with zero transition. Feel bad for those that couldn't work out how to get that kiss from Selina.

    Also, have to say they missed out on a lot of cool opportunities concerning Batman getting his suit. Would have loved having him in the distance talking about taking on Crazy Vicki. Then you have Lucius have his cool moment where they fly in his final suit to have his epic boss battle. Just seems like the same thing as their other games where they miss out on a lot of great opportunities.

    If the technical issues were worked out then I could give the series as whole a solid 7.5/10. Depends on how distracting it is for some. Considering I'm kinda used to how fcked their engine is it doesn't bother me that much.

    EP5: 6/10

    Series: 6.5/10

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    double post

  • Wouldn't that be way too soon by tt standards.

  • She wanted to escape Batman. She was beat and couldn't really continue the fight so her only choice was to run.

  • I think its a game over screen but I'm not sure.

  • Hey has anyone seen Harvey at the Asylum yet? If so what happens with him?

  • From what I can tell you don't interact with him at all. When you are fighting Vicki you do see him kinda in his cell looking all kinds of messed up. Could have escaped...or could have just stayed in there going really crazy.

    This kinda boils down into who you go against previously though. They started implementing alternative scenes to the end goal like GoT. Though, I have to say that they did it tremendously better in GoT. In Batman various aspects seem incredibly rushed. Which is a shame because you can tell there is a really good story underneath if given the time to be showcased.

  • Well there were several things that made that so. Mainly the fact that telltale had to release it quickly to keep their promise and the fact that there were so many alternatives it was basically 4 episodes in 1. I mean there were so many different scenes and endings, they really did a fantastic job :).

  • Well it looks like we're getting a second season. Son of a bitch.

  • I'd. Prefer a s2 of this than a s4 of twd

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    Why are you so mad? This game is great and it's 100% better than Batman Arkham Knight IMO.

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    You don't understand. I know why she wanted to leave. The exit was close but Vicki choosed another, more distant. Maybe because she was stunned or something. Can't find better explanation.

  • Because I simply didn't like it. Although it didn't help that I shelled out 5 bucks for a PC release that I couldn't even fucking play.

  • Well, that's something I can agree with but you can't deny that it had such a great story.

  • This definitely became one of the best Telltale seasons so far. I find it better than The Wolf Among Us. The only thing that bothers me the most is the PC issues so that's why it's only 9/10 from me.

  • but you can't deny that it had such a great story.

    I mean I can, but that wouldn't be factual either way. In fact both of our views of the series are pretty subjective. I personally didn't like the story honestly.

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