• And this is the ending of the game (i didnt watch the vid, so i dunno if its legit)

  • But the trailer is not out yet how can he play the ep

  • Pretty cool boss fight. Sounds like the Bruce-Selina relationship is over.

  • You have played the ep

  • I watched the video...I am one of those people who skips to the last chapter of a book just to see how it ends. One thing I know in Comics and well anything...if we do not see Vicki's body...bitch aint dead.

  • Well, I can see a Season 2 happening around 2017.

  • Spoilers allowed. Ok. Encountered funny bug. In Asylum Batman's new armour disappeared. Without explanation. He wore basic one during final confrontation.

    And why Vicki wanted to escape through main door while another exit was closer, near the statue; the one Bruce and Alfred used. I don't understand.

  • The ending fight is utterly ridiculous vale can take full blown shots to the face and being kicked through stone pillars.

    She is laughably overpowered and seems superhuman

    • Hmmm @Ja1862 , you do realize calling the last fight ridiculous because she can take those hits in a comic universe where people can stop bullets...leap tall buildings in a single bound...run faster than time, is itself a ridiculous thing. It is a Comic Book Universe where the heroes and villains are like the titans of lore. They are more powerful and smarter....stronger and more human. Comic Books use the unreality of the setting to reflect the hopes and dreams as well as the nightmares of our reality. Vicki being a augmented powerhouse is very much in keeping with the story.

      • I'm sorry. Where were any of those things proven or demonstrated in this game? Because I don't remember seeing Superman.

        You're making the erroneous assumption that simply because it's taking place in a comic book universe means those elements are a part of that universe. But we know that's not true. Christopher Nolan's take on Batman is still within a comic otherverse but grounded in a way that the powers you're describing could never happen.

    • Eh, I just took it as her augmented suit doing work. She had advanced tech at her disposal. Wouldn't be surprised if she had some of that adrenalizing drug in her system either.

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