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  • The same thing is happening to me. That's Telltale Games for you. shrugs

  • Has anyone got an idea on when the rest of the episodes for twd s3 will release coz i jus cant wait to play the rest of the game

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    They are. I found out that GOG calls the Documents folder "The Walking Dead Season 2", while Steam calls it "The Walking Dead Season Two". The Walking Dead: A New Frontier isn't able to find the first folder mentioned. Basically you'd have to rename it into "The Walking Dead Season Two". (Not sure if GOG's Season 2 still can find its own saves then).

    I repurchased everything on Steam, copied all the files of the save folders, deleted them, started the games via Steam, and placed them inside the new save folders, to circumvent any small issues that might result from renaming, but it should work for ANF nontheless.

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    Thanks for the information. It's absolutely silly that Telltale don't know the folders they used for their versions of the game but thanks to you I now know what to do.

    I do have the first two Seasons on Steam as well but I don't fancy buying Season 3 again (I already have it on GoG and Android.) I've recently moved house and have to curtail the mad spending I've been used to.

  • Their past two games have been monthly, so I assume this will be monthly as well. Expect it Late Jan/Early Feb due to Christmas.

  • Having the same problem...anyone able to know what causes this?

  • This is a joke, why is it so hard to get your saved games carried over from previous season?
    I have done everything they have said and it still only gives me option to recreate?
    It was so easy to transfer saved games on pc before now this is just rubbish , i give up on telltale going back to playing bioware games least they don't mess with the saved/transfer of saved games afterall the time and support they put in to telltale games i just feel ive wasted my time.
    What a joke! already took my games back and got a refund.

  • Unfortunately its probably too late, but I found a workaround for myself in the exact situation that you were in. Now I actually remember a loading problem when I went from episode 4 to 5 in my playthrough. So if you didn't I can't be sure our issues were the same. I also replayed episode 5, by rewinding to the first chapter, and when i was done it still did not show my choice of saving AJ. What worked for me was rewinding to the last chapter of episode 4 and playing through. When i got to the end it showed my choice and I am able to import to season 3. Like i said its probably too late, but if by chance its not, it might be worth a try. Or hopefully help someone looking at this thread. I assume its the same for anyone missing a choice. Start on the last chapter, of the episode before, the chapter you are experiencing issues with.

  • I have the same problem, how can this be fixed??

  • Hoooray!

    I'm so glad you guys implemented the Recreate feature.
    Been waiting for it, since I played Season 1, 400 Days and Season 2 on three different systems.
    Telltale rocks!

    PS: sorry for the necro but I really wanted to say thanks for "Recreate", had given up hope already.

  • I created an account just so I can vent. I am totally pissed off. I have waited months for episode 3 which finally came out today. HOWEVER only episode 3 not 4 or 5. yet if I purchased the hard copy and not downloaded I would have been finished by now. How many more months do I have to wait to finish this game. I think I'll celebrate my 50th birthday before I finish the game. Love the game, not happy with the company. You suck at time Telltale.

  • i just wish in season 4 . AJ turn out to be like Lee ... his look . his sound ... every thing. i miss Lee :(

  • I am loading to play episode 4 and all saves are no longer there it's making me start over!!!!!!! I only play on Xbox 1 and none of my saved episodes are available anymore!!!!!! I paid for season pass and expect my game to load and continue!

  • The issue I'm having is the Login to Continue button is not working on the wd2save site. Can anyone help, please?

  • Same here. This is a joke.

  • I'm having the same problem with the wd2save page not working. It says login to continue, so I click it and log in. Once you do that, nothing. Page doesn't reload, you click the login to continue button again but it doesn't do anything. Can't get past this fucking page, wtf telltale

  • I'm having the exact same problem. I wouldn't even be trying to deal with this if A New Frontier could actually detect the Season Two save I have on this same PC. I don't know why the Season One to Season Two save transfer was so easy while this one doesn't work at all.

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