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The Walking Dead Saves

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Thank you to all of our wonderful Players who have been so supportive and passionate about our Telltale The Walking Dead series. We're looking forward to hearing your stories about your Clementine, and for you to see how your previous season choices have influenced her!

If you already plan to have your Walking Dead Season 2 save on the same device as your copy of A New Frontier, there aren't any extra steps. You're ready to go.


If you're one of our Players who may have changed platforms since you started playing, we have you covered. If you can't get to your save at all, or it would be a lot of work to get to it, we give you a way to recapture your play style and the experience of your first two games through our "Recreate” feature in A New Frontier. We might be a bit biased in saying this, but we think this feature is pretty fun and a great reminder of those moments that really shaped Clem in Season 1 & 2.


Of course, if you’ve still got a Season Two save on a different device, we’ve done our best to support that too. It takes several steps, but we’ll walk you through the process. Go to for instructions.




Last but not least, if you can't seem to get your save to work, please let our Product Support Team know! We take your feedback seriously and we want to try to help you as best as we can.

Edit: There is now a support article featuring image tutorials for this process.

  • MacOS
    MacBook Pro early 2015

    I just replayed season 2 because i lost the save file due to a HDD crash in the past (season 1 save was nice and coasy in the steam cloud).
    My Choices is showing five choices for every Episode.

    When i click Upload the save never appears on this website. I obviously can´t import it to iOS either.

    I hope i can just copy the save file over to Win10, this used to work between seasons one and two i believe.

    • I just bought the Steam Version of Season 2, it saw my TellTale Version of the save game, used it for the steam installation and was able to upload it and see it online.


      The superior version is (just like with season one sadly) once again not the in-house one... already pissed that i didn't just pay these 6$ extra to get the steam version of season 3, now i am stuck with TellTales version again possibly loosing my save before season 4 because of bad cloud support....

  • I played season 1 and 2 on Xbox 360 and got ANF on PC. I've tried uploading my save from season 2, but it's not showing up on my Telltale account.

  • Cuando sale el tercer capitulo ?

  • and what happen that we have the game since gog for import the save?

  • My only issue is that somehow it says my save is incomplete when i know that's not the case. It has been completed since 2015 and i haven't touched it since. I tried playing through again and seeing if i can upload that and it still says that it is incomplete when i go to upload it after completing the game again and deleting the old save that i had from 2015. I cant get it to recognize that i have beat Season 2 twice and transfer my stuff. Its getting kind of frustrating at this point. I guess my next step is to make a new account and see if i can link that one with everything which i really don't want to do.

    Edit: After reading through the entire thread i went and checked to see which decision showed and i only had two. I do not really feel like replaying through season two again because i don't remember every single choice i made a year ago. i guess ill just choose to create a back story and go from there even though that is not what i want to do.

  • Thank you Telltale, I'm loving this game.

  • There is no upload save option in the GoG version of Season 2 and Season 3 (also from GoG) did not detect my saves. I had to copy them to the Android version of Season 2, upload from there, and then download them into Season 3 that way.

    Could you please pay some attention to the GoG versions of Seasons 2 and 3. Why put them up there if you aren't going to make them compatible with each other.

    • They are. I found out that GOG calls the Documents folder "The Walking Dead Season 2", while Steam calls it "The Walking Dead Season Two". The Walking Dead: A New Frontier isn't able to find the first folder mentioned. Basically you'd have to rename it into "The Walking Dead Season Two". (Not sure if GOG's Season 2 still can find its own saves then).

      I repurchased everything on Steam, copied all the files of the save folders, deleted them, started the games via Steam, and placed them inside the new save folders, to circumvent any small issues that might result from renaming, but it should work for ANF nontheless.

      • Thanks for the information. It's absolutely silly that Telltale don't know the folders they used for their versions of the game but thanks to you I now know what to do.

        I do have the first two Seasons on Steam as well but I don't fancy buying Season 3 again (I already have it on GoG and Android.) I've recently moved house and have to curtail the mad spending I've been used to.

  • Has anyone got an idea on when the rest of the episodes for twd s3 will release coz i jus cant wait to play the rest of the game

  • The Walking Dead game is easy but if can you go through the game's casinopolis?

  • This is a joke, why is it so hard to get your saved games carried over from previous season?
    I have done everything they have said and it still only gives me option to recreate?
    It was so easy to transfer saved games on pc before now this is just rubbish , i give up on telltale going back to playing bioware games least they don't mess with the saved/transfer of saved games afterall the time and support they put in to telltale games i just feel ive wasted my time.
    What a joke! already took my games back and got a refund.

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