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Sam & Max 2 with Parrallels - Corrupt Textures

posted by ozpowell on - last edited - Viewed by 156 users
Anyone else seen this with Parallels 4.0.3844 (MacOS X 10.5.7) under Windows XP MCE SP3 (screenshot attached)? I have Sam and Max 201 installed. Most textures appear fine, but some (eg. those on the exterior of buildings) appear corrupt. I also have Tales of Monkey Island Ep 1 installed and have played it all the way through without any problems. I'm pretty sure I can still play the game to completion with the glitches, but they're annoying.


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  • *Bump* - so no one from Tell Tale can offer any suggestions??? Is there a .prefs file I can download and try?

    No other MacOS X/Parallels users also seen this behavior?
  • Well, from the Telltale side I can officially say that I know jack squat about parallels. For what it's worth, it looks like it's failing to process the bumpmaps properly. We've changed bumpmaps a bit between SM2 and Monkey, so that might explain the discrepancy.

    At any rate, it's probably either your driver support or your directx support that is causing corruption. Beyond that I can't say.
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