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Episode 3 Waiting Thread - Now out on PC and Consoles, iOS/Android

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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Release Date

  • PC - March 28th
  • Xbox One - March 28th
  • PS4 - March 28th
  • iOS - March 30th
  • Android - March 30th

Support Notice:

If the game says "Coming Soon" for Episode Three and you are playing on Xbox One, digital PS4, or North/South America season pass disc PS4 - update your game and try again. You should be able to play when the game is fully updated.


March 23rd

March 22nd

March 13th

March 10th - PAX

March 9th

March 6th

February 9th

January 19th

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  • And thus we circle back to the begining.

  • My blind call: episode 3 will come January 31st.

  • While I did enjoy the first two episodes, I really hope Telltale does take advantage of the holiday break to take some time and improve the remaining episodes. Usually I don't complain about episode lengths, but it did feel like the second episode was way too short, and the first episode a bit too for that matter. I looked at everything and wait for the timer to practically run out, and the first one was barely 1 hour 20 minutes, and the second was 1 hour 10 minutes. To make the episodes longer, maybe have more flashbacks that focus on Clementine, I feel like there's a lot more they could have told there from when Kenny/Jane died/when Wellington fell to when she meets Ava. Stuff like that could have easily added at least 10 minutes to both episodes, give us more time to play as Clem, explore her character more, not make our endings feel so pointless, and have her feel not as shoehorned in (which is not something I believe, but others do). I understand Telltale wants to attract new players, but they shouldn't also ignore the old ones, while many (myself included) love Javier and what's going on with him, we still are heavily invested with Clem. You chose to make her a co-playable character, so start treating her like one.

    • I agree 100%, Clem really feels like she is just there just because its Clem. Also the flashbacks, they are so short that there was no need to do that to Kenny and Jane. For example the Kenny ending, you telling me that what happened to Kenny NEEDED to happen? Why couldnt he have met Ava too? Would it have been to hard to have Kenny chime in like 3 times? The flashbacks are so short that I feel like they could have went all 5 episodes and kept Kenny and Jane with us.

      • I feel we shouldn't have known what happen until ep5 in a climax during a desperate situation. I felt they just wanted to get this out of the way to focus on less compelling conflict and build up. I felt many things were way too convenient to happen at set times.. :(

        all my theories about what happens after S2 were way too exciting than what I got. the flashbacks were ''convenient'' for the plot but was not creative and memorable in anyway, characters I've loved were not loved enough to be given such endings.

      • Why couldnt he have met Ava too? Would it have been to hard to have Kenny chime in like 3 times?

        Sounds like my thought on Sarah and Arvo. At the end of a Season.

    • I agree completely. Way too short for $5 a pop. The flashbacks could definitely use some meaningful extension for both characters, but they could improve the episode length in any number of ways. I like Javier and the group so far, glad to see Paul J. I thought that was really cool. I absolutely hated what they did to Jane. She was all about survival, and she'd already big sistered Clem and committed to looking after one baby. Made absolutely zero sense. They also set it so soon after Season 2, there's very little intervening time to do more with her via flashback. I haven't seen what they did to Kenny. They definitely could've made more appearances this season, and the survivor shouldn't have been killed off. Just feels like pure expedience. Clem has lost her family, two entire large groups, and a town at this point, c'mon. They have to represent survivable groups at some point. Right now, she seems like the entirety of the core cast all by her lonesome. I hope we can start expecting more survivors to carry forward after this season. Really liked Mariana?, the niece. They could've done a lot more with the family before hitting the reset button. Really disliked how they fell into the TWD trope of killing off the most likable characters, but that did strike home as a shock moment. It's so short though, every death seems cheap. No time to get into the characters.

    • Agree. Telltale can't undo the flashbacks now, but they can improve them (not that my flashbacks were bad..). I would like a longer run time for those scenes. And they do need more for the "Present Day" plot as well. I usuall don't complain about episode times, but these ones (played separate, over the course of 2 days,) didn't scratch my itch.

    • I do think that's what they should do. They could take a month off for all I care.

    • I don't simply want tons more flashbacks to make the episodes feel longer. The actual episodes need to have a lot more content. The thing with flashbacks, yes they're nice because they fill in the gaps of all the story we've missed out on, however they don't really change much in terms of what is currently going on. The choices feel like they make very little difference in the flashbacks.

      I'd much prefer to have longer episodes based on what's happening currently, with some flashbacks, and then possibly some DLC to fill in what's in between as many years went past.

    • I agree bro i wanna play more with Clementine! But is hard to make a game like this, so is good enough or better is awesome!!RISE AND SHINE!!

  • All the women and men this season are really good looking

  • Here we go again...

    enter image description here
    God I missed those threads.

  • Loving the new season so far...other than the Kenny and Jane thing...but hell...I think every game needs something to divide the opinions and call into question the decision makers...Episode Length Needs to be at least 90 Minutes.

    Clementine and Javier...killer team...just ask the Bar.

    • While I would like to think in that light, I just don't feel like the season is gonna pick up after Kenny. It's just put such a bad taste in my mouth that's gonna take a long time to get over. Then again, not sure why I would be talking to you of all people about all of this. ;)

    • Can i ask what it is you actually like so far? Because other than the story, for me as you know it's just fucking awful!

      • I am digging Javier...I am digging this mystery behind Clementine and AJ...where is he...what happened...what did the NF do that made her abandon has a sweet natured Clem become a hardened survivor that finds life alone preferable to being in groups. I am loving the ideas of society trying to rebuild in the city-state model...the lawless frontier where humanity is at the point that the walkers are treated like natural force of nature like thunderstorms and floods. The length is bullshit though....and dammit I want more Clem.

        • Fair enough. Sadly for me none of that is anywhere near enough.

          I mean who is Javier really? What do we really know about him besides having a family who he wasn't always there for in the past. What did he do job wise per apocalypse? What sort of things does he like? What exactly is his personality? There are so many things Telltale need to develop with him and his family to even give us a sniff to care about them over. I didn't care at all when his niece died. Hell i cared more about Shawn Greene dying than her and he probably had less screen time than her! It's Telltale's biggest problem for a long time. They don't know how to write decent characters anymore. My opinion obviously but I have stated why.

          I do agree that the mystery surrounding AJ is interesting enough to ask questions but knowing Telltale I wouldn't be surprised if they give him an offscreen death or pull a Christa's baby card and leave his disappearance a mystery. I mean after all, it seems like they want to erase all memory of the past 2 seasons and reboot the series. They shouldn't break what didn't need to be fixed in the first place.

          • Well we know Javier was a professional Baseball player who got caught betting on the games he played a life time ban...we know he took his family for granted and had a strained relationship with David. He has an easy going somewhat charming personality...has grown into a father figure. But I agree...more character building would be appreciated...and in these types of games are mandatory.

  • So here we are again. Waiting once more ;)

    For me ep1 was nearly 2h but ep2 was just a joke! Ep 2 was a little more than 1h for me.

    Also, no lag for me. Not even loading screens. The next episode they could do some less optimising and work more on the story :)
    Edit: Ah, yeah. They are also on consoles that need more optimising. My bad.

  • Crossing my fingers that the rest of the episodes are longer. I didn't mind episode 1, but wow 2 went by FAST.

    • Seriously though, this needs to be addressed:

      If the rest of the season is as short as episode 1 and 2, 1-1.5 hours, then we are really looking at a 5 and a half to a 7 hour campaign?!


      Season 1 was around 13 hours for its campaign, while season 2 was close to 11 hours. If ANF is around 6-7 hours.... for a $24.99 TTG? I'm seriously gonna be pissed, and probably talk to Steam support about a refund. I'll go ahead and say this right now: it would be so cheap, sleazy, and unacceptable to be goaded into a 25 dollar episodic game that has historically surpassed well over 10 hours of gameplay, only to find it barely passing 7...

      Can TTG make a statement and address this concern, please?

      • Oh you can bet your bottom dollar that the next set of episodes will be equally shitty in terms of gameplay, lack of hubs, character development and extremely short episode lengths. Telltale have been a sinking ship since after season 1 finished.
        Each game has got worse and worse in terms of effort

        • Can anyone actually refute this? I mean we have reports of them flat-out removing good scenes from season 2 that would have added to the length, (like Alvin fishing with Clem) and it certainly wasn't because the episodes were too long. Which leads me to believe it's laziness.

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