Telltale: this is your opportunity to break the radio silence.



  • Well Tales from the Borderlands has an opening as well as some other parts in Ep3 that change depending on Ep1 and Ep2 choices (about 25% of the episode). They also have different character attitudes in Ep5 depending on Ep4 choices.

    And then Game of Thrones. A whole episode (Ep6) has a different main character depending on the Ep5 choice (though that episode did take 4 months to release). They have choices in previous episodes which reflect how some scenes in the later episodes play out.

    Same scale as Minecraft in my opinion.

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    With Telltale's recent games, it just seems they're having a few stumbles, and need to get some good footing. They had a good high

  • Good Thread, nice points made.

    I so agree with the same old threads. It never ends.

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    Feedback is important though. I mean Ubisoft, as bad as they can be at times, are known for listening to fan feedback. That's actually why Assassin's Creed II was a critical success by critics and fans. They listened to fans about what worked and what didn't work about the first game. They then listened to fans about the future sequels for this series. They acknowledged that III was bad and created Black Flag in response. They listen to fans when it comes to all of their projects. Far Cry and Splinter Cell also come to mind.

    R* Games are another famous game studio that listens to the fans and even the CEO Houser Brothers host Q and A meetings with their staff on a regular basis. The Houser Brothers also play their games to voice their opinions on their games during development.

    The Community Manager shouldn't get upset over the disappointment over this series from the fans. The fans pay their bills and they had better listen to the fans.

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