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Trying to get S+M Season 2 DVD

posted by jweir on - last edited - Viewed by 219 users
First I had contacted support to combine my orders of the separate episodes and get a code for the DVD to show up as free. The code worked on the product page but showed as $26 in my cart. I then e-mailed back and got a response that they would check into it and never heard anything back, even after a second inquiry. It is still doing this and haven't heard anything after more than 2 weeks. Can anyone assist me?
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  • Well, try PMimg one of the forum staff. That's what I did. And now I've ordered it!
  • Support will need to send you a new coupon (as Weeblerjake said, if you're not getting a response to your email you can PM David E or another of the Telltale support folks). Once you get the new coupon, make sure to empty your shopping cart and clear your cookies for before using it. The problem is that the system remembers you added the $26 product to the cart previously and that takes precedence even after you use the coupon for the free disc.
  • Thanks for the help, I managed to get the coupon to work properly after deleting all cookies etc and it didn't even have me logged in. I then logged in and it gave me no problems, so no need to send another coupon. Thanks so much Emily! Even being now formerly Telltale employed you are still doing them a great service!
  • Anybody know if this still feasible - buying individual episodes and then being able to apply for the DVD at the cost of postage only?:confused:
  • Yes, but you need to contact support for it to work...
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