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Cheese and overtalking

posted by Zener on - last edited - Viewed by 294 users
Episode One: Have two pieces of cheese and placed as seems to be correct places (at least the game accepted the placement and this triggered appropriate response).
But do I need the third flavour of cheese ? And when at the police station Wallace and Policeman talk at the same time -is this a bug ?
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  • 1. No you don`t need the third cheese
    2. i looks like a bug yes
  • This is no bug, there are only two kinds of cheese in this game, wensleydale and gorgonzola. When talking to Dibbins you need to have placed one under the bed and one in his hat. To make the mouse pay attention, set the remote on the cheese in the hat. When it should cry set it on the cheese under the bed. And when it should shake its head set it on the missing cheese, the rotterdam.
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