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Heads up on a really cool game I found.

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You might want to try out "The Apprentice". It is for computers & is a classical themed Adventure game. The subtle humor reminds me a bit of Monkey Island in a strange way. Currently there are 2 games in the series with a 3rd one being made. Both games are also free might I add. The first game is voiced (If you get the deluxe edition.. which I highly recommend), while the second isn't (which is really disappointing considering how well the game is voiced).

Here is a link.

"Apprentice II is an excellent sequel to an excellent first game, that builds in every way on its predecessor - it's wider in scope and scale, with more characters, locations and puzzles." - Berian Williams,
"...if you played the first part of the series, you know that you can expect top quality independent gaming: a very deep story, great character development, the best graphics the low-resolution AGS setting has to offer and a very unique sense of humor." - Jozef Purdes, DIY Games
"With a good fantasy plot, a fun cast of characters, fun puzzles, and outstanding graphics, Apprentice II is definitely well worth your time." - Home of the Underdogs
"Fantastic job! I'm enjoying this game very, very much." - Erwin Broekhuis,
"I. Love you. So damn much." - Highwaygal
"Great game but now i am stuck" - crazyman
"This really feels like a Lucas adventure." - SteveMcCrea
"Everything from music to animation and background art is first rate..." - Foz
"The graphics and animations were suberb and I loved the music." - Ginny
"Another great game - and a lot longer than the original!" - GarageGothic
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