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Stuck on Chapter 2...

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How do you distract the Mermaid King? This is so frustrating I've tried EVERYTHING!
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  • lol i'm horrible at adventure games i actually had to check a guide once for tips on how to walk from point A to point B... but even i got that one without any trouble
  • Eagle;178292 said:

    It should open otherwise you should contact Telltale Support service....
    I can't...there's no email client in my inventory!
  • No, it doesn't hurt anymore. I got it fixed.
  • File transfer is still going. They should make USB sticks faster.
  • You need to use the usb stick with the packet of parrot seed. Then use that with Herman Toothrot and a long and complex cutscene will ensure. You might want to look away if you have a fear of either gambling manatees or yachting dolphins. At the end of it, your usb stick will be replaced in your inventory by the 'super deluxe usb zoom stick 3000'.
  • Nah that doesn't work. You just use the usb stick with the parrot, and then put it in the computer to read it's mind.
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