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Myst: A waste of time or awesome game?

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The debate about Myst for some reason fascinates me. Yes, I know I have problems. I would love to hear everyone's opinions about Myst, whether or not it is a good game, with back up. Yes you can post a message saying "Myst sux!" or "Myst is the $*!&!" but please inform us why you feel this way. It makes for better debates :)

Looking forward to a stimulating conversation!
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  • I couldn't voted in the poll, because my opinion is between the two extremes.

    And I'm more familiar with Riven, which really creeped me out when I was eleven. There was one day when I spent hours playing Riven, and hours practicing the trumpet part of some music the year six band was going to perform. Now even the trumpet part of that song makes me really uncomfortable. I think it's the emptiness, and some of the endings. Especially the one you get if you guess the code to the star fissure before going to the rebel age, or abuse save games to get it.

    And the whale shark thing that slaps the glass if you press the button too often. That bothered me too.

    I played Myst later, and it was good game, but not the best thing ever. The puzzles were kind of obscure.
  • I generally don't like first-person adventure games. There's too many different screens to navigate, so it always feels like you're doing things the designers way and nothing else. If they're in full 3D and are fully explorable, then that tends to make it more enjoyable to play, at the expense of being slightly awkward to control.

    To wit - I tried the original Myst and didn't like it at all. But when I tried the full 3D remake realMyst, I found myself playing until the very end. So clearly the story and puzzles were there, it's just the way it was presented that put me off.

    I'm not going to vote, because I don't agree with any of the choices you've given, but I will say that I can see how Myst would appeal to people.
  • Yeah... I should have put another option in the poll... I don't know how to fix that.

    I tired to play Riven, but I had the same issues with Riven as I did with Myst. Too much hidden information. A friend of mine once said "I don't like to read my games." The first Myst game was very reliant on reading the books in the library. I think I was 11 when I got the game, and I was not in the mood to read through digital books. Where the sequels to Myst the same way?

    I think the element of Myst that I actually liked was the idea of traveling the different world through books. That is a cool concept, but the game itself did not thrill me.
  • I love Myst/Riven, I just hate *playing* them, if that makes sense. Especially Riven. I could spend all day just "walking" around Riven and marveling at the sights. But then the gameplay gets in the way...
  • I have only ever played Myst, and the last time I even attempted to play it was about 10 years ago, and I completely hated it and had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to be doing, so I ended up wandering around, clicking things at random, and never solving anything.
  • Loved it when I first played it and still do. I like the whole series but the 1st is my favourite.
  • While I didn't altogether dislike Myst (definitely didn't love it, though) I kind of dislike what it did to the adventure game genre. And I know people will try to argue otherwise, but it definitely changed the market. And while the fancy graphics were a change I can definitely deal with, the nearly impossible puzzles were annoying-- actually, let me clarify. I don't mind them in a game here or there, but after Myst, while its true not all game producers went that direction, many did. You-Need-To-Read-The-Minds-Of-The-Designer type puzzles started popping up all over the place and cheapening the storytelling and character development of newer games. It just seems like after Myst it was harder to find a good "story" game. Your welcome to disagree with me, but this was my own experience with it.
  • I think a lot of the people who don't like it were just too young or too impatient when they first tried it (a couple of people in this thread seem to confirm my theory). It's a very deep game, and in my opinion, a very good game, but I think the biggest thing about Myst games is that you need to write things down. If you don't take notes while playing Myst, you won't get anywhere... and I think that's why a lot of people never get anywhere.
  • LuigiHann;178425 said:
    I gave it many chances (with pen and pad at hand), but it just wasn't my cuppa. I'm extremely patient by nature, it's just that the puzzles didn't give me any enjoyment at all. I think Myst is tailored for a certain type of adventure gamer, thus the huge rift amongst genre fans.
  • I didn't like Myst that much because you had to read books. Coincidentally, I also didn't like Morrowind or Alone in the Dark (1992).
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