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Ahoy there forum-lubbers!

So I'm studying animation (I'm about to start my third year this september) and as an animation student you can never get enough feedback on your work. So here a a couple of my animations, I'm very curious what you guys think of them :)

What goes up... - I finished this one a couple of days ago, it's my 'end of the second year animation'. After spending weeks of writing a story about a juggler that kept getting more and more complex, I decided to keep it simple and child-friendly.

Een Slaapverhaaltje van Witte / A Bedtime story from Witte - This one may be a bit difficult to understand, the spoken language is 50% English, 50% Dutch. It's basically one big joke; a classmate of mine, always tells big deep psychological stories. One time I asked him "Can't you just tell a story about a kid doing groceries for his mom?", and that started this short. As you can see the animation is very minimal, it was made in three days because of the deadline.

Zen - The 'end of the first year' animation from last year.

Casanova - This was an assignment me and a friend had to make for a tv quiz. We had a week and we made it (to our big surprise). Also, it's completely in Dutch but the narrator is basically telling the live story of Casanova

Short test - A weird Ren & Stimpy-like short test thingy
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