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Bought 3 Items, 1 arrived damaged, 2 missing...

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Firstly I've enjoyed both Bone games immensely and cannot wait to download Sam and Max each month.

However, I purchased Bone 1 and 2 together (download and boxed), and only Out From Boneville has arrived (more than a week ago, and the dvd case was cracked and part of the bottom was missing completely - so damaged before transit), while The Great Cow Race is nowhere to be seen.
I placed this order on the 11th, and I am only concerned because episode 1 arrived and 2 has not.

I also purchased the Sam and Max Sketchbook, and thats not arrived yet (however i only placed that on the 18th, its just that Bone 1 arrived so promptly after the email to say it had been shipped).

I'm just wondering what I can do to find out where these items are?
I live in the UK and my invoice doesnt have a tracking number on it.

I tried emailing customer support and just got an automated response which didn't say anything about anyone reading the message, or that anyone would look into it, or anything helpful, so i thought i'd try and contact a real person via the forums.
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  • Thanks for posting about the problem. It's not unusual for Out from Boneville and The Great Cow Race to show up separately, because they're sent from different distributors. However, I'm not happy to hear that Out from Boneville was damaged. I can contact Digital River, who provides our shipping and fulfillment, to get you a replacement.

    The Great Cow Race generally seems to take longer to get to people than Out from Boneville, possibly because they're shipped using different shipping methods. This is probably true with the sketchbook too, so I wouldn't worry about that just yet.

    If you could send me a PM with your order number(s), I'll contact DR about a replacement Out from Boneville, and try to find out the status of the other two.
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