My The Walking Dead A New Frontier Fan Fiction Prequel Part 1 (Angel and Santiago's story)

This is a prequel from the fan fiction I made in the past month. I want to thank everyone that read and commented helpful tips on how to make my writing better and more enjoyable. This story takes place before the walkers showed up and when Angel didn't know who Clementine was. Angel is eight years old and Santiago is eighteen years old. This whole prequel shows how Angel and Santiago were separated and how they survived before my other fan fiction took place. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this story I really appreciate it! If you have any suggestions on how to make it better, comment and let me know!

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Anyway, here's part 1. I hope you like it!

Part 1:

“Jason?” The teacher asked.
“Here.” Jason answered.
“Andy?” The teacher asked.
“Here.” Andy answered.
“Angel?” The teacher asked.
“Here.” Angel answered proudly.
The teacher looks at her list and checks off his name.
“Alright everybody’s here.” She said.
Andy walks towards Angel.
“Hey Angel, want to play some soccer at recess?” He asked.
“Yeah sure.” Angel answered.
Angel was nine years old and he was in second grade.
“I was with my brother and he said he saw a scary movie.” Andy said.
“What was it about?” Angel asked.
“It was about dead people and how they came back to life. My brother said that it was scary.” Andy answered.
“Jesus. That sounds terrible.” Angel replied.
“But my brother told me not to worry because it’s impossible for dead people to come back to life.” Andy continued.
“Oh thank god. I don’t know what I’d do if that happened.” Angel responded.
After class Angel and Andy play some soccer. There’s a small field with a small goal in the middle. They pass the ball to each other and shot the ball.
“Hey shoot at me. I’ll be goalkeeper.” Andy said.
Andy walks towards the goal and stands in the middle. Angel places the ball on the ground and walks backwards. Angel knew he was gonna score no matter which way he shot.

You get to decide which way Angel shoots:

Choice 1: (Shoot left):

Angel picks left and shoots. The ball curves towards the left and into the goal. Andy doesn't even try save it.
“I can’t save that!” Andy said.
“Sorry Andy.” Angel replied.

Choice 2: (Shoot right):

Angel picks right and shoots. The ball curves towards the right and into the goal. Rick doesn’t even try to save it.
“I can’t save that!” Andy said.
“Sorry Andy.” Angel replied.

Continuing with both choices:

“Hey you get in goal, I’ll shoot.” Andy suggested.
“Alright.” Angel replied.
Andy doesn't know that Angel had practiced being a goalkeeper before and that he would probably save his shot. But Angel decides that he won’t save the shot because he wants Andy to feel happy.
Angel gets in goal and gets ready to dive completely the wrong way.
Rick shoots and it goes to the left. Angel dives the wrong way and purposely doesn't save Andy’s shot.
“Yes!” Andy said.
“You got me.” Angel lied.
Andy and Angel play soccer for a little bit and go back to class.
After everyone packs up to leave school, Angel talks to some of his friends.
“Hey Angel what are you gonna do in the summer?” Jason asked.
“I’m going to Puerto Rico. I’m gonna see some friend and family over there.” Angel answered.
“That’s cool. I’m gonna go camping.” Jason replied.
“That’s cool.” Angel replied.
The bell rings and the kids leave school for the summer. Angel walks to where they get picked up by cars and sees Santiago standing outside his black car, leaning on it.
“Hey bro. Ready for summer break?” Santiago asked.
“You know it.” Angel answered.
Santiago gets in the driver's seat and Angel gets in the back seat.
“Hey you want to play some soccer with me before you go to Puerto Rico tomorrow?” Santiago asked.
“Yeah sure.” Angel answered.
Santiago starts the car and starts driving back to Angel’s house.
“Hey why aren’t you going to Puerto Rico?” Angel asked.
“Someone has to stay and look over the house and Tiger.” Santiago answered.
“Oh.” Angel replied.
Tiger was their dog. A German Sheppard. He was playful with their family, but with everyone else he wanted to bite them.
Santiago and Angel arrive to their home.
Santiago parks his car in front of the house and gets out of his car.
“Hey get changed, we’re going in a few minutes.” Santiago said.
Angel’s house was two stories tall. It was biege on the outside with a lake behind the house. Angel and Santiago enter their house and see their mother.
“Hola mama.” Santiago said.
“Hola ninos. Todo está bien?” She asked.
“Yeah everythings fine. Me and Santiago are gonna play soccer.” Angel replied.
“Ten cuidado.” His mother replied.
“We will.” Santiago replied.
Angel goes upstairs and puts on a athletic shirt and some athletic shorts. Angel puts on his black and lime green soccer cleats and goes downstairs.
Angel sees that Santiago is there waiting for him. He was wearing his high school’s soccer team jersey.
“You ready?” Santiago asked.
“Yeah let’s go.” Angel answered.
Santiago gives Angel a water bottle. They get back in Santiago’s car and drive to the nearby soccer field. They get there and see that there are people on one side of the field practicing. They step on the field and Santiago takes out a ball and starts to shoot it.
Angel looks around and then hears Santiago’s voice.
“Hey bro come on.” He said.
Angel turns around and looks at Santiago.
“Hey come on just like we practised.” Santiago said.
Angel goes to the soccer ball that Santiago placed and puts his foot on it.
“Remember always aim for the corners. Either the top right or top left. If you get it right the goalkeepers will have no way to save your shot.”
Angel walks back four steps and stands still.
“Hey which corner are you aiming for?” Santiago asked.

You get to choose which corner to shoot at:

Choice 1: (Top left):

“Top left.” Angel said.
Angel takes a deep breath. He looks at the top left of the goal post and then back at the ball.
Angel runs towards the ball and hits it with his right foot. The ball looks like it’s gonna go over the goal but then it curves back down into the top left corner. Santiago is shocked.

Choice 2: (Top right):
“Top right” Angel said.
Angel takes a deep breath. He looks at the top right of the goal post and then back at the ball. Angel runs towards the ball and hits it with his left foot. The ball looks like it’s gonna go over the goal but then it curves back down into the top right corner. Santiago is shocked.

Continuing with your choice:

“Nice! If you keep getting better you’ll probably be the second best player in the world.” Santiago said.
Angel goes to Santiago. “Why second? Why can’t I be the best player in the world?” Angel asked.
“Because I’m gonna be the best player in the world.” Santiago answered.
Angel replied “Are you sure about that? I think I’m better than you.”
Santiago goes and picks the ball up and puts it farther away than he did for Angel. He steps six steps back.
“Can you do this?” Santiago asked. “Top right.”
He starts running toward the ball and hits it. The ball goes toward the goal but the ball isn’t spinning. It keeps going in a straight line and then curves to the top right corner.
Angel is shocked.
“That’s called a knuckle ball. You hit it right, the ball doesn't spin or curve but it does curve in the end which makes goalkeepers less likely to save it.” Santiago said.
“Jesus! Bro I can’t do that!” Angel replied.
“Don’t worry you will eventually. If you want to be the second best player in the world you're gonna have to practice! Now come on!” Angel takes the ball and starts practicing.
Angel and Santiago practice shooting, dribbling, passing, headers, and skill moves. After a couple of hours Angel is exhausted. It’s night time now.
“Alright Angel let's go home.” Santiago said.
Angel and Santigo go back to the car and go back home. When they get back to the house Santiago stops the car and talks to Angel.
“Hey take care of mom and dad alright? Don’t let anything happen to them.” Santiago said.
“Nothing's gonna happen.” Angel replied.
“You never know. Just take care of them.” Santiago repeated.
“Alright.” Angel responded.
They get out of the car and go into the house. Angel takes a hot shower and changes his clothes. He gets out and sees Santiago waiting to take a shower.
“Good night.” Santiago said.
“Good night.” Angel replied.
Angel goes to his room and lays on his bed. He thinks about going to Puerto Rico and how he has to ride an airplane. He never liked them. He thought they were flying boxes of death. Angel falls asleep and has a dream.

He sees a girl. But not just any girl. She has a hat on her head. It had the letter d on it and it was capitalised. She looked like the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was looking at him. She looked like she was thirteen or fourteen. Angel looks at himself and sees that he’s grown. He looks the same age as the girl in front of him. She smiles at him and Angel smiles back. But then she says something unexpected.
“Things won’t be the same.” She said.
“What?” Angel asked.
Angel doesn't get an answer. He wakes up and sees that the girl is gone.
“Who was that girl? What did she mean? Why was she so beautiful?” Angel asked himself.
Angel starts to feel sadness inside of him. When he saw her he felt something he never felt before. He felt like he cared about her. A lot. But She probably wasn’t real so Angel decided to just forget about it.
“Hey Angel get up!” Santiago yelled. “Time for you to go to Puerto Rico!”
“Angel looks at the clock. Five am. Angel gets changed and brushes his teeth. He didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast since his mom and dad wanted to leave fast. Angel goes downstairs and sees them waiting for him.
“Dieges adios a Tiger.” His father said.
Angel goes outside and sees his dog Tiger. Tiger wakes up and sticks out his tongue. Angel pets Buddy and he licks Angel’s hands.
“Hey boy, I have to go but don’t worry I’ll be back soon.” Angel said.
Tiger whimpers.
“Don’t worry. Nothing’s gonna happen, Santiago is with you. He’ll feed you and give you a bath.” Angel replied.
Tiger sticks his tongue out and licks Angel’s hand again.
“See you later Tiger.” Angel said.
Angel goes back inside and washes his hands. Angel goes and get’s his luggage.

Santiago drives them all to the airport. They get out of the car and Santiago calls Angel over.
“Hey look after yourself. Take care of those two.” Santiago said.
“Santiago nothing's gonna happen.” Angel replied.
“Never know.” Santiago responded.
Angel goes back to his parents and they walk into the airport.
Santiago secretly feels that something bad is gonna happen. But he doesn't tell Angel because he’s not sure if anything will happen at all. Santiago drives out of the airport and back to the house.

Two weeks later:

Angel wakes up and looks out the window. The sun shines bright over Puerto Rico. Angel looks at the temperature. Ninety six degrees. Angel puts on some clothes, gets out of his room, and goes downstairs. Angel sees his mother watching T.V.
“Puedes limpiar las ventanas afuera?” She asked.
“Yeah sure.” Angel replied.
Angel gets some window cleaner spray and some paper towels. He goes outside and cleans the windows. The windows looked dirty and probably haven’t been cleaned in months. Angel feels the hot sun burning his back as he cleaned the windows. Angel finally finishes cleaning the windows and goes back inside the house. He sees his mother sitting there, motionless.
“Mom?” Angel asked.
She doesn't respond.
“No way, this can’t be happening. Mom! Mom!” Angel yelled.
She doesn't respond.
“Oh no.” Angel starts to cry.
Angel runs upstairs to his father who’s still sleeping.
Angel knocks on the door.
“Dad! Mom’s dead!” Angel yelled.
“Qué! Cómo es esto posible?!” His father asked.
“I don’t know! She’s not moving!” Angel answered.
Angel’s father walks out of his room with fear on his face. He and Angel run downstairs and go to the body.
Angel’s father checks for a pulse. He looks at Angel with fear and anger in his face.
“Ella está muerta.” His father said.
“Oh no.” Angel replied.
His father starts to cry. His father walks away from the body. Angel walks towards his mother and looks at her. She looks grey now. Suddenly she jumps up and grabs Angel.
“Ahhh!” Angel yelled.
His father sees what is going on and is shocked.
“Qué estás haciendo?” He asked.
Angel’s mom doesn't answer. She tries to bite Angel.
His father takes out a staff. He used the staff for almost his entire life. He aims at her head.
“Pare!” He yelled.
She doesn't listen.
His father hits her in the head with the staff. She falls off Angel and lays on the ground. She gets back up and goes towards his father. His father hits her in the head again. She goes down and doesn't get up.
Angel and his father are shocked at what just happened. His father gets the phone and calls Santiago.
Santiago doesn't answer.
“No está respondiendo a mis llamadas.” His father said.
“Well what are we gonna do now?” Angel asked.
“Tenemos que volver a Orlando. No es seguro aquí.” His father answered.
“Okay alright.” Angel replied.
Angel and his father get to their rooms and fill their luggage up. They finish packing their bags. They go downstairs and see the body again.
“We can’t leave her here. We have to bury her.” Angel said.

Angel’s father grabs her lifeless body and carries her outside. Angel gets a shovel and gives it to his father. His father puts her body down slowly and digs a grave. When he finishes he puts her in the grave and says his final goodbye’s. Angel is completely shocked at what happened. His mother just died. And he was only nine years old.
“Ahora está en un lugar mejor.” His father said.
“I know.” Angel replied.
They get into their car and drive to the airport. Angel starts to think about what the girl in his dream told him.
“Thing’s won’t be the same.” She told him.
Thing’s definitely won’t be the same again. The girl warned him. Angel doesn't even know how Santiago will react to this. Angel and his father continue driving to the airport scared and angry at what happened.

Santiago’s perspective:

Santiago’s phone starts ringing. Santiago picks up the phone and sees it’s Gonzalo, his high school friend calling.
“Hey man, want to race?” He asked.
“Yeah sure.” Santiago replied.
“Awesome. Parking lot in front of the mall eight o'clock.” Gonzalo said.
“Alright.” Santiago responded.
Santiago looks at the clock and sees that it's seven thirty. He walks outside and gets into his car. He drives towards the mall and parks in the parking lot. Eventually Santiago hears someone beeping their horn. Santiago looks to his right and sees Gonzalo. He’s in his fancy red sports car that’s even more newer than Santiago’s black sports car.
“We doing this or what?” Gonzalo asked.
“Hell yeah.” Santiago answered.
“For pinks?” Gonzalo asked.
“You really gonna give your car to me?” Santiago asked.
“Who said I was losing?” Gonzalo replied.
“I’m not gonna give you my car.” Santiago responded.
“Such a loser.” Gonzalo said.
“Whatever man. You wouldn’t even give me your car anyway.” Santiago replied.
“Yeah probably not.” Gonzalo agreed.
“Well what are we waiting for? Let's race!” Santiago starts up his car. It roars like a lion.
Gonzalo starts up his car. It roars like a jaguar.
They drive their cars out of the parking lot and onto the street. They get to a red light and stop.
“When it turns green we ride.” Santiago said.
“I hope you like seeing my license plate.” Gonzalo replied.
Santiago laughs.
Santiago breathes in and focuses on the road. Cars are turning in front of them. And then all the cars stop. Santiago looks at Gonzalo and back at the traffic light. The light turns green and they put the pedal to the metal. They start racing each other down the street neck and neck. But then Gonzalo takes the lead. He passes Santiago and gets in front of him. Gonzalo puts out his hand and shows the middle finger to Santiago
Santiago laughs.
“Don’t celebrate too early Gonzalo.” Santiago said.
Santiago activates his nitrous that he had installed a while back. He passes Gonzalo and goes in front of him. Santiago puts out his hand and shows the middle finger to Gonzalo back.
“Shit!” Gonzalo yelled.
Gonzalo didn’t have nitrous and he can’t catch up to Santiago. Santiago looks back at Gonzalo and then back to the road. But then he runs someone over.
“Oh shit!” Santiago yelled.
Santiago’s car spins out and stops in the middle of a road.
Gonzalo zooms past Santiago and drifts. After he drifts he goes back to Santiago.
“Well I guess we know who would have gotten the car.” He said.
“Dude stop. I ran over someone.” Santiago replied.
“What an excuse.” Gonzalo replied.
“No, look.” Santiago points to the side of the road. There’s a body on the ground, not moving and most likely dead.
“Oh shit!” Gonzalo said.
Santiago and Gonzalo walks towards the person on the ground.
“This person’s dead dude.” Gonzalo said.
“Shit I’m fucked.” Santiago replied.
“Dude just drive away they won’t know you did it.” Gonzalo responded.
“Are you crazy? I can’t leave this guy here!” Santiago retorted.
Suddenly the person on the ground gets up.
“Oh thank god you’re alive.” Santiago said.
But something was off about the person getting up. It started making groaning noises.
“Hey I don’t think he’s alive.” Gonzalo said terrified.
“What do you mean? He’s moving right now.” Santiago replied.
The person grabs Santiago’s leg and pulls him to the ground.
“Ahhh!” Santiago yelled.
The person starts crawling towards Santiago. Gonzalo pushes the person off Santiago and punches him.
“What the fuck are you doing?” Gonzalo yelled.
The person moans and both Santiago and Gonzalo get a clear look at the man.
He has blood all over his body and doesn't have an eye. He also doesn't have his left arm. But the arm wasn’t anywhere around them.
“What the fuck?” Santiago asked.
“Is that guy dead?” Gonzalo asked.
“Yeah he is. But how is he alive?” Santiago asked.
The man crawls towards them. Gonzalo goes to the trunk of his car and opens it. He takes out a bat and runs back to Santiago. He looks at the man.
“Batter up.” Gonzalo said.
He swings the bat and it hits the man's face. The man falls to the ground and doesn't move.
“Thanks.” Santiago said.
“What’s going on?” Gonzalo asked.
“I don’t know. This is too crazy. Let’s just get back to our cars and get out of here.” Santiago suggested.
They get in both of their cars and turn on the radio. They hear someone talking.
“This is a warning for all citizens. There has been a breakout of a virus that makes the dead walk and kill. We advise you to head towards major cities such as; Orlando, Atlanta, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other major cities. You will be protected and be fed while the U.S army deals with the situation. Wait what? I just got told that we have to get off the air. May god bless you all and ahhh!” The radio said.
Static is the only thing that can be heard.
“Did you hear that?” Santiago asked.
“Yeah I did. We’re already in Orlando though so we’re fine right?” Gonzalo asked.
“I don’t know. Did you hear that guy scream? Do you think he died?” Santiago asked.
“I don’t know.” Gonzalo answered.
“Let’s get some guns. I have some at my place.” Gonzalo said.
“Alright. But after that I need to go back to my house.” Santiago replied.
They both start up their cars and drive towards Gonzalo’s house.

Angel’s perspective:

Angel and his father get on the plane to Orlando. They both sit in their seats and a man sits next to them.
“Have you seen them?” The man asked.
“What?” Angel asked.
“Those things. The dead getting up and attacking us.” The man said.
“Oh yeah I did. My mom she, she.” Angel couldn’t finish what he was going to say.
“Oh I’m sorry to hear that. How did your dad deal with it?” The man asked.
“He’s depressed but I think he’ll be fine.” Angel answered.
“I’m fine.” Angel’s father said in english.
“Oh I don’t think I introduced myself. I’m Anthony, I’m from Atlanta. I came here on vacation and I kind of regret it now.” Anthony said.
“Prepare for takeoff.” The pilot said over the intercom.
“Does anybody else know about this?” Angel’s father asked.
“No. You guys are the first people to actually have seen them. Everyone else thinks I’m crazy.” Anthony answered.
“This whole situation is crazy.” Angel’s father replied.
“Yeah it is isn’t it? At least we’re safe up here.” Anthony said.
The plane runs down the runway and takes off. Angel drifts off to sleep as the plane flies smoothly thru the air.

Angel wakes up and here’s people yelling.
“What the fuck!” A man yelled.
Angel looks around and sees everyone surrounding a person.
“What’s going on?” Angel asked Anthony.
“A guy here was bitten by one of those things. People are saying he’s gonna turn into one of them.” Anthony answered.
“He’s gonna turn into one of those things! We have to put him in the bathroom and lock him in there.” A man said.
“Yeah!” People agreed.
“I’m not gonna turn into one of those things.” The bitten man said.
“Oh yeah? I don’t believe you for one second. Put him in the bathroom!” Someone yelled.
“No!” The bitten man replied.
“Everyone get to your seats. We’re preparing for arrival” The pilot said on the intercom.
“Easy for you to say when you’re safe in there!” A man yelled.
“Just get to your seats please.” The pilot said.
Everyone gets to their seats. The people sitting next to the bitten man sit somewhere else.
“Thank god we’re landing soon.” Anthony said as he sat down next to Angel.
“Do you think he’s gonna turn into one of those things?” Angel asked.
“I don’t know. Hopefully not.” Anthony answered.
The plane begins to descend. They have some turbulence as they go through the clouds.
“Please don’t let us die! Please let us land!” Angel thought.
This was always the worst part for Angel. The plane moved so much that it felt like they weren't gonna make it.
But the plane goes through the clouds and closer to the ground.
“Oh no.” Angel’s father said.
Angel and Anthony look out the window and are shocked at what they see.
There is smoke everywhere. There are military vehicles on the ground at the airport. Part of the airport in on fire.
“Oh shit.” Anthony said.
“This is never gonna end is it?” Angel asked.
“Probably not.” Anthony replied.
The seatbelt symbol lights up.
“Prepare for landing.” The pilot said through the intercom.
The plane gets closer and closer to the wasteland that used to be an airport. The plane lands on the runway. The plane speeds down the runway and they pass military and police vehicles. The plane slows down and parks next to the airport.
The pilots come out of the cockpit.
“We cannot enter the airport so you will have to go down the slide on the sides of the airplane.” One of the pilots said.
“May god bless you all.” The other pilot said.
The two pilots open the side doors of the airplane and the slides inflate. People starts to line up and slide out of the airplane. Angel and his father get to the slide and they see one of the pilots.
“May god bless you.” The pilot told Angel.
“You too.” Angel replied.
The pilot starts to tear up.
Angel slides down the slide and sees the terrible damage that’s been done to the airport.
“Jesus.” Angel said.
Angel’s father slides down and has the same reaction as him.
Anthony slides down and is in complete shock.
“Well I guess I can’t go to Atlanta now.” He said.
Suddenly everyone starts screaming. Angel looks and sees that the man that was bitten turned into a walker. A man from the military points a pistol at him and kills him. Angel never saw someone get shot before. He didn’t like it, not one bit.
Angel, his father, and Anthony run to the front of the airport.
They see a taxi driver parked outside. They run toward the man.
“Hey could you give us a ride?” Angel’s father asked.
“Yeah sure. Where to?” The taxi driver asked.
Angel’s father tells him their house address.
“Alright hop in.” The taxi driver said.
Angel and his father get into the car. But Anthony doesn't.
“Hey Anthony come on.” Angel said.
“Sorry kid, I need to get back to Atlanta.” Anthony replied.
“There aren’t any more planes flying.” Angel’s father said.
“Don’t worry, I’ll find a way. Look after your kid, he’s gonna be a strong man someday.” Anthony replied.
Anthony walks back to the runway and the taxi driver drives them to their house.
“Hey what’s your name kid?” The taxi driver asked Angel.
“Hey Angel, I'm Andres.” Andres replied.
“So you’ve seen them?” Andres asked.
“Yeah we have.” Angel’s father replied.
“This is crazy. I can’t believe this is happening.” Andres said.
“Yeah me neither.” Angel agreed.
Andres is shocked at what Angel said. He was just a little kid and he hadn’t even become an adult and he was seeing all this happen around them.
Andreas continues to drive them to their house.

Santiago’s perspective:

Santiago and Gonzalo race each other to Gonzalo’s house. But Santiago beats Gonzalo.
They get out of their cars and look at each other.
“That was awesome!” Gonzalo said.
They both high five each other.
They both get into Gonzalo’s house. They go to Gonzalo’s room.
“Alright let me just grab a few things.” Gonzalo said.
Gonzalo goes behind his bed and pulls out a pistol.
“Take this.” Gonzalo throws the gun towards Santiago.
“I don’t know how to use this thing.” Santiago said.
“Don’t worry I’ll teach you.” Gonzalo replied.
Gonzalo gets some batteries, jackets, shirts, pants, and his backpack.
“Alright let’s go to the back.” Gonzalo said.
They go to the backyard and go to a shed. They open it and Santiago is amazed. There’s boxes filled with guns and ammo.
“We saved this for a rainy day and I guess that day is today.” Gonzalo said. “Take what you like.”
Santiago goes to one of the boxes and sees an AK-47. He takes it and aims it around.
“Maybe you should start with a pistol.” Gonzalo suggested.
“Hey you said pick whatever you like.” Santiago recalled.
Gonzalo goes back to looking for ammo. Santiago takes the AK-47 with lots of ammo. He then gets some pistol ammo. Santiago gets a backpack and fills it with pistols and ammo. He fills the backpack halfway and goes to Gonzalo.
“You ready to go to your place?” Gonzalo asked.
“Yeah let’s go.” Santiago replied.
They get out of the shed and lock the shed. Suddenly a walker grabs Gonzalo and it pulls him down. Santiago puts down his backpack and takes out a pistol. He aims it at the walker.
“No! Santiago you don’t know how to shoot!” Gonzalo yelled.

You get to chose if Santiago shoots the walker:

Choice 1: (Shoot it):

Santiago doesn't listen to Gonzalo. He aims at the walker's head and pulls the trigger. The bullet goes into the walker's head and the walker falls to the ground. Santiago reaches out his hand and Gonzalo grabs it. Santiago pulls him up carefully and sees that he’s covered in the walker's blood.
“You’re covered in that guy's blood.” Santiago said.
“Yeah I know. It’s disgusting. You shouldn’t have pulled the trigger man.” Gonzalo replied.
“Sorry. I had to.” Santiago responded.
“You could have killed me!” Gonzalo said.
“But I didn’t.” Santiago acknowledged.
“Whatever. Let’s go to your house.” Gonzalo replied.

Choice 2: (Don’t shoot it):

Santiago lowers the gun and goes towards the walker. He grabs the walker and throws it into the ground. Santiago starts to stomp on it’s head over and over again. Santiago stops and looks at Gonzalo.
“You okay homie?” Santiago asked.
“Yeah thanks.” Gonzalo answered.
Gonzalo looks at the dead walker and back at Santiago.
“You ready to go to your house?” He asked.
“Yeah let’s go.” Santiago answered.

Continuing with your choice:

They both get out of the backyard, into their cars, and drive to Santiago’s house.
Santiago starts to think about Angel and their parents. Do they know about what’s going on? Is he ever gonna see them again? Santiago decides to forget about it.

They get to Santiago’s house. It looks just like it did the last time Santiago saw it. They get out of the car and hear Tiger barking.
“Tiger I’m coming!” Santiago yelled.
“Tiger’s your dog?” Gonzalo asked.
“Yep.” Santiago answered.
They get into the house and go to the backyard. Santiago sees Tiger and runs toward him. He takes the leash off of Tiger and Tiger jumps on top of Santiago. He pushes Santiago down to the ground and starts licking his face.
“I missed you boy.” Santiago said.
Tiger keeps licking his face but then suddenly stops. He starts barking. Santiago gets up and sees Tiger barking at Gonzalo.
“Calm down tiger.” Gonzalo said.
Tiger keeps barking.
“Tiger he’s nice don’t worry about him.” Santiago said.
Santiago pets Tiger yet he still keeps barking.
“You have to pet his head.” Santiago said.
“What?! You’re crazy! He’ll kill me!” Gonzalo replied.
“What you scared?” Santiago asked.
“No I’m not scared of anything.” Gonzalo answered.
Gonzalo starts walking slowly towards Tiger. He reaches out his hand towards Tiger. Tiger keeps barking. Gonzalo keeps going and Tiger stops barking. Gonzalo puts his hand over Tiger’s head. Tiger snarls at his hand. Gonzalo puts his hand on Tigers head and pet’s him. Tiger stops snarling and sticks out his tongue. Tiger licks Gonzalo’s hand.
“See? Piece of cake.” Santiago said.
“Easy for you to say.” Gonzalo replied.
Santiago, Gonzalo, and Tiger go into the house. They go up the stairs and go into Santiago’s room. Tiger wouldn’t normally go into the house but that doesn't really matter now. Santiago gets some supplies and sees his soccer ball. He picks it up and looks at it.
“That’s not gonna really fight those things.” Gonzalo said.
“Yeah probably not.” Santiago replied.
Santiago puts it down and gets some more supplies. He fills his backpack and leaves the room. He looks and sees Angel’s room. He goes in and starts to remember Angel.
“Is he okay? Is he gonna survive all this? Is he even alive?” Santiago asked himself.
Gonzalo and Tiger go into the room.
“This your little brother’s room?” Gonzalo asked.
“Yeah.” Santiago replied.
“Don’t worry about him Santiago, I’m sure he’s fine.” Gonzalo said.
They all leave the room and go downstairs.
“I can’t leave.” Santiago said.
“What? Why not?” Gonzalo asked.
“What if they come back? What if they get here and I’m not here, I’ll never see them again.” Santiago answered.
“They’re in Puerto Rico. You really think they’re gonna get a plane to come back here? They’re stuck on that island. All you can do is hope for the best.” Gonzalo replied.
Santiago starts to think about that.
“Yeah I guess you're right.” Santiago agreed.
Santiago, Gonzalo, and Tiger go out of the house and into their cars. Santiago opens the door for Tiger. Tiger jumps in the front seat. Santiago closes the door and he goes to the driver seat. Santiago and Gonzalo start up their cars.
“Where do we go now?” Santiago asked.
“We go to your girlfriends house.” Gonzalo joked.
“Bro Sarah isn’t my girlfriend.” Santiago replied.
“Yeah I know. But I see the way you two look at each other. You want to be her boyfriend.” Gonzalo said.
“Whatever man. Fine let’s go to her house.” Santiago responded.
“I knew you wanted to go see her.” Gonzalo continued.
Santiago and Gonzalo drive to Sarah’s house. Santiago did have a thing for Sarah but he never wanted to admit it. Santiago rolls down Tiger’s window and Tiger puts his head out and sticks out his tongue.

Angel’s perspective:

Andreas drives Angel and his father to their house. Andreas stops the car in front of their house.
“Don’t worry you don’t have to pay me.” Andres said.
“Thank you so much Andreas.” Angel’s father replied.
“No problem.” Andreas responded.
Angel and his father get out of the car. Angel looks at Andreas.
“Where are you gonna go now?” Angel asked.
“I don’t really know. Wherever the road takes me I guess.” Andreas answered.
“That’s kind of a bad idea.” Angel said.
“Well the world works in mysterious ways.” Andreas replied.
Andreas starts up his car. He then says something that Angel doesn't expect him to say.
“Hey kid. Things won’t be the same. Remember that.” He said.
Andreas rolls up his window and drives away. Leaving Angel with that sentence he just said.
“Things won’t be the same.”
That's exactly what the girl in Angel’s dream told him. Angel starts to think about the girl again and how beautiful she looked. But then Angel’s father talks to him and he stops thinking about her.
“El auto de Santiago no está afuera.” His father said.
“Where is it?” Angel asked.
“Debe de haberse ido. Probablemente pensó que no volveríamos.” His father answered.
“Yeah he probably thought we would never come back.” Angel replied.
Angel and his father enter the house. Everything looks exactly as how it looked before. Angel checks the cabinets for food. Some food was taken but there was still food left.
“Santiago took some food.” Angel said.
“Por lo menos él guardó algo de comida para nosotros.” His father replied.
“Yeah thank god.” Angel said.
Angel and his father go upstairs and enter his father's room. His father picks up a photo of him and Angel’s mother. His father starts to cry.
“Are you okay?” Angel asked.
His father doesn't answer him. Suddenly a walker grabs his father. His father falls to the ground and the walker tries to bite him.
“Dad!” Angel yelled.
“No puedo sacarlo de mi!” His father yelled.
Angel starts to get closer to the walker.
“No puedo quitármelo! Consiga a mi staff, está en la sala de estar!” His father said.
Angel goes out of the room and goes downstairs. He sees on the couch, his father’s staff. He picks it up and looks at it.
“Ahhhh!” His father screamed.
Angel runs up the stairs with the staff. He goes to the door of the room and opens it. He is shocked at what he sees.
His father was on the floor. His guts were everywhere. The walker was eating his guts like as if it has never eaten anything in it’s life.
“Dad?” Angel asked.
No answer. His father was dead.
The walker looks at Angel and tries to bite him. Angel jumps back and the walker goes back to his meal.
“Oh no he’s dead.” Angel thought.
Angel takes the staff and looks at the walker. He swings at the walker’s head and hit’s it. The walker falls off of his father’s body. Then Angel suddenly feels anger. So much anger. Like as if a beast was unleashed in him, he swings at the walker's head over and over and over. He keeps hitting it and doesn't stop. His arms get tired but Angel doesn't care. He keeps hitting him again and again. But then Angel’s arms get so tired that he has to stop. Angel falls down and breaks down. He starts to cry. He was only nine years old and he lost his mom and dad on the same day. Now he was alone and nobody's there to look after him except for himself.
Suddenly his father moves.
“Dad? You’re alive?” Angel asked.
He looks at Angel but he doesn't look the same.
He was one of them.
Angel grabs the staff. His arms are still tired but he can swing one more time, He swings and hits his father in the face. His father falls down and doesn't move. Angel falls back down and cries again. He starts to think about what the beautiful girl and Andreas told him.
“Things won’t be the same.” They both said.
They were right, things really won’t be the same. Angel looks at his father’s body.
“I have to get stronger if I want survive in this world.” Angel thought.
Angel looks around the room and looks for things that could help him. He finds some weights, dummies, and a book about exercises to make him stronger. Angel takes all the stuff and puts it all outside the room. Angel looks back at his father’s body. Angel wanted to bury him just like how his father buried his mother. But Angel was so scared that he couldn’t carry him to the backyard. So he leaves his father there laying on the floor. Angel sits down against a wall and starts to cry.
Angel can’t believe what is going on. But then Angel feels something in his gut. As if it was telling him something. Angel looks to the floor and sees his father’s staff.
It’s calling to him.
Angel walks slowly towards the staff and stands over it. He looks down at the staff and picks it up. When he picks it up he feels more energised and more stronger. He starts examining the staff. Angel takes the staff and leaves the room.
Angel closes the door and decides to block it with a bookshelf.
After that Angel then puts the weight in his room and puts the dummies outside.
Angel starts to practice using his staff on the dummies. He didn’t know how to use it and he didn’t have anybody to teach him. So he worked really hard on perfecting it. He then starts to lift weights and do exercises. He started to get bigger, stronger, and faster. Pretty much everything you needed to survive in this new world. Angel continues to do this, making him even more stronger and more powerful and eventually he will become one of the strongest, fastest, and most smartest fighter there ever was.
“Things won’t be the same.” Angel thought to himself.
“And I’m not gonna be the same either.”

End of part 1


  • I forgot to say that I need some names for some new people coming into the story and I thought that I should ask you guys for names. So if you have a name of a character you made or yourself and want me to use it please let me know! Or if you want me to add a character from the past Walking Dead Seasons into the story let me know as well!

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    As always: this is a great story. I have some remarks about your story. Here they are:

    1. “Well the world works in mysterious ways.” <------(great "easter egg", even if you didn't mean to make one).
    2. The story is really good and I really liked the ending.
    3. Suggestion: When there is a no action scene try to "describe" the scenery/landscape of the incident.
    4. I like the way that you're trying to "import" the walking dead game's universe into your story.

    You said that you want some names, though.
    Well my suggestions for names are:

    James(I think that this name goes both for a man or a woman and I've used it in my stories, too, but I used for a man), Louis(man), John(man), Mary(woman), Lucas(man) and Jessica(woman).

  • Hey man! Thanks for reading this fanfiction I really appreciate it! Also I'm so glad you liked it! I'll definitely try to describe the scenery more in the upcoming parts. I'll also use those names you mentioned as well.

    Do you have any other suggestions on how to make the story better? Also can you send me the link to your stories because I would love to read them! :)

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    As always: this is a great story. I have some remarks about your story. Here they are: * “Well the world works in mysterious

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    Do you have any other suggestions on how to make the story better?

    I think my remarks about your story are all my suggestions. Apart from them, you're doing a great job! :)
    (If I ever come up with an additional suggestion, I'll let you know.)

    Also can you send me the link to your stories because I would love to read them!

    Of course, man! Here they are:

    (Story 1):
    (Story 2):
    (Story 3):
    (Story 4):

    I hope you like them. :)

    Hey man! Thanks for reading this fanfiction I really appreciate it! Also I'm so glad you liked it! I'll definitely try to describe

  • Alright cool! When I get a chance I'll read them. Also I'll message you when part 2 of the prequel is out.

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    Do you have any other suggestions on how to make the story better? I think my remarks about your story are all my suggesti

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    Ok, man. Thank you very much for your concern.
    (My stories are a little short, so don't worry ;) )

    Alright cool! When I get a chance I'll read them. Also I'll message you when part 2 of the prequel is out.

  • I'm sorry you didn't like it. Is there anyway I can make the next part better? Well thank you for taking the time out of your day to read it, even if you didn't like it.


  • It's okay if your stories are short, It's probably really good!

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    Ok, man. Thank you very much for your concern. (My stories are a little short, so don't worry )

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    Try being more "creative" with your review the next time, man...


  • Hey man part 2 of the prequel is out! Here's the link:

    I hope you like it!

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    Ok, man. Thank you very much for your concern. (My stories are a little short, so don't worry )

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