Why did Mike carry A.J across the lake?

Regarding the frozen lake...AJ was clearly the number one priority for the group and they knew how dangerous it would be to cross but why did the heaviest person by far, and therefore the most likely to fall in carry the newborn baby across?

Now I know the plot needed Luke to die (and he had an injured leg) and Kenny was too occupied with Arvo but seriously, why didn't Clementine carry AJ? She's probably less than half Mike's weight if not way less.

If the plot needed Clem to have free hands to help Luke then I guess I can understand her not having the baby but what about Bonnie or Jane? They're definitely a good bit lighter than Mike. I just think it would be a matter that they would definitely discuss if they really cared about AJs safety.



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    Also if Jane had have carried AJ across (even though she's apparently not that good with kids) then It would've made more sense for Mike to pull Clem out of the lake. I always thought it looked way too easy for Jane to pull her out of the water like that on her own.

  • You actually answered your own question there.

    • Kenny had to burst out to convince us that he is dangerous.

    • Jane couldn't touch no baby; her emotional scene with him comes after they crossed the lake, which triggers further moral hesitation and choice between her and Kenneth.

    • Luke had to die, Bonnie went after him without the care in the world (determinant death, but still death) and Clementine as a player had to make a dramatic choice and save the day once again.

  • I know that according to the plot this had to happen, but they could easily have swapped Bonnie and Mike around in this situation. They were friends so Mike would want to save Luke in the same way Bonnie did. It wouldn't have been much different, but it would have made more sense when you think about it (at least in my opinion anyway, I could be wrong).

  • Bonnie practically confessed she had a crush on Luke, so I find it logical she freaked out about him being in trouble and recklessly tried to save him. You could hear the desperation and fear in her voice when she tells Clem to help Luke. It's very sad actually.

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    So Clementine could choose to go after Luke, Bonnie could have a choice that actually means something, Kenny could get crazy about Arvo for the upteenth time, and so Jane can be shilled again in one of the few action scenes the episode has.

    Plus, there's also the irony of Kenny and Mike taking care of each other's Morality Pet.

  • Okay yea, you're probably right. I'm aware that for the plot's sake it had to go down that way but in hindsight it could've occurred differently or they could at least have addressed this issue.

    Like have somebody say Clementine should carry AJ because she's light as Bonnie already disclosed when asking her to save Luke ("Clem you can save him, you're light") - possibly paraphrasing slightly. But then have Mike or Someone say something like 'it's fine I've/he's got him, we'll/they'll be fine'.

  • Luke - fucked leg
    Clementine - not ready
    Kenny - as the alpha in the group, he needed to secure the area and make sure Arvo didn't betray them.
    Mike - too heavy
    Jane - wanted nothing to do with the kid.

    That leaves Bonnie. Probably the best candidate at the time to carry him.

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    Clementine - not ready

    No idea what that's supposed to mean, but I'm sure she is more than capable of carrying AJ across it, she's probably more capable than anybody else in the group.

  • Well, realistically speaking, the baby should've been dead long before they even reached the lake. He's wrapped in the world's thinnest blanket but somewhat able to survive a few days of constant walking through the snow and cold. Considering he's been lacking any medical care and was exposed to hazardous conditions immediately after birth, I'd say he's either a very obvious plot device or he inherited some spartan/viking blood.

  • Well, realistically speaking, none of this should have ever happened because the idea of the undead returning to life with only basic cognitive functions and the never ending craving for human flesh is completely absurd.

    That and the fact it's a video game with fictional characters involved in completely unrealistic situations set in an entirely fictitious universe and timeline.

  • Some games can successfully keep the right balance between realism and fiction, but it requires an effort to put into. It was one of the greatest TT's advantages and a true sign of original content, all those relatable "what would I do?" situations, however I'm not entirely sure they are capable of maintaining the position of a good storyteller anymore.

    I'm just saying that the fact of undead walking does not exclude the laws of gravity, physics or hypothermia, which apparently was the cause of Rebecca's death.

  • He thought aj was a raccon

  • Where did you get the information on Rebecca's death caused by hypothermia, I just assumed it was due to the fact the just had a baby without proper medication or medical assistance and then walked through the woods for days without time to recover and ultimately died from exhaustion.

  • It was freezing out there, so it's probably all what you said plus hypothermia.

  • AJ could not walk....duh!

  • I hope he wasn't thinking about eating the shit out of AJ then... .-.

  • You're really overthinking it. Nobody's gonna go "Hey Mike, you're too heavy give me the baby."

  • But you said hypothermia was 'apparently the cause of Rebecca's death'. which suggests somebody confirmed this for you to word that sentence the way you did. But now you're saying it was probably how she died. So, unless you know for certain that it was hypothermia, which you don't, or you just think it was yourself. We both know there is no confirmation on hypothermia as a cause of death so i'm just curious as to why you said it was how she died with so much confidence.

  • Come to think of it, you didn't say its probably how she died in your second comment, you said '... plus hypothermia'. So why do you say thats how she died with so much confidence as if it was confirmed by the writers themselves? Do you always treat your own opinions as fact or are you just mistaken?

  • Well if you had a kid you really cared about, you'd probably try and make sure to put them in as little danger as possible, address every hazard and possible outcome of life-threatening situations.

  • Sure, but that's a really dramatic way to think about it. Mike isn't that heavy.

  • But he's still the heaviest so therefore most at risk for falling in.

    How exactly is considering the possible hazardous outcomes for an infant of a potentially, nay, very likely life threatening situation in any way 'really dramatic'.

    If a baby's life is at stake, I'm pretty sure any decent person would at least think before they put that child in any unnecessary risk.

  • Plot. Simple as that.

  • Already discussed that in the thread description, did you actually read it or just the title?

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    I read it. But that's how it is - simple, basic plot. If Clementine had the kid, then she would've drowned him.

  • Exactly...this was already covered and discussed, I don't know why you felt the need to...

    Whatever, doesn't matter,

  • As stated plot convenience. As it's perfectly intelligent to give the guy who weighs the most an additional 10 pounds across a frozen lake. The whole lake scenario was stupid to begin with. It may have taken slightly longer but going around seems a safer option

  • Why did Mike carry A.J across the lake?

    enter image description here

  • I agree with you. You may actually be the only person on this thread that actually thinks that way.

  • Mike even said in the house "We should've gone around it." after Luke died...

    ... is it too late for a remaster/rewritten series?

  • Best explanation we've had so far.

  • Yeah that was stupid. Even worse was when he started sprinting after Kenny and Arvo, completely reckless.

  • More importantly, why was the injured man all the way at the back. THAT should've been where Mike was, at least so he could cover them. Or Kenny. Hell even Jane.

  • I never really cared for the frozen lake scene myself, considering how basically everyone involved refused to use common sense by walking across the narrow part of the lake to cross over safely.

    There weren't that many walkers to begin with, and the trees weren't thick enough to prevent everyone from walking around the perimeter. Judging by the 3D model of the lake itself, there was definitely a narrow section to the group's left that would have allowed everyone to cross over safely, which would mean that Luke would likely have not died.

    What really should have happened to make the event more convincing for me is a herd of walkers sneaking up behind them, attracted by the sound of baby AJ screaming at the top of his lungs due to common baby behavior, forcing everyone to either fight them all off with limited supplies or risk their lives crossing the frozen lake to escape.

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    Well besides the plot reasons, I'd probably say Mike was chosen out of a process of elimination:

    • Clem probably wasn't picked due to the chance that if she ever did fall in the lake whilst holding AJ, no way she could have gotten both herself and AJ out. An adults would have a higher chance of getting AJ out the water due to their natural strength and increased lung capacity. Even if the chance was small, it would still be bigger. And I know it sounds harsh... but it's better to lose a child than to lose a child and a baby...

    • Kenny was too busy keeping an eye on Arvo. I feel like I should write more but that's all there is.

    • Bonnie probably would have preferred to focus on Jav- I mean Luke, what with his bad leg and all. Or maybe she felt a natural disconnect from AJ due to the fact that she closely associated with people AJ's parents didn't have the happiest relationship with. I kinda pulled that out of my ass to be honest, Bonnie does seem like the best option here. Anyway I doubt Kenny would have been too keen on her Bonnie holding AJ.

    • I could imagine Jane simply not wanting anything to do with AJ, so preffering to not carry AJ across. And again, I doubt Kenny would have allowed Jane to hold AJ anyway.

    • Arvo didn't hold AJ cos there was a lot going on and his hands were kind of tied(xD why am I such a funny guy?)

    • Luke had a bad leg

    This leaves Mike! The dude Kenny was sort of neural on, and besides Sarita, Kenny, Troy ("everything come out alright?") and Rebecca the only adult who shows to be concerned for kids.

  • You know, it occurs to me that, despite being past the limit most would allow, this would've been a perfect example of where Sarah would've been useful to keep around.

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