Ideas for a new edition? Bonus choices and content pt. 12

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Here are the choices for Michonne's first episode, with bonus choices:

1. Did you try to end it:
Pull Trigger: You pull the trigger, but Pete pulls the gun away from your head as the bullet fires.
⦁ Pete will see you a suicidal
Drop Gun: You drop the gun to the ground and Pete offers you a hand up.
⦁ Pete will see you as a true survivor
2. How did you enter the ferry:
Through the ladder: Climb the ladder and then the ender the upper floor of the ferry.
⦁ You enter safely
Through the window: Climb in the window and you enter the lower floor of the ferry.
⦁ You fight your way through
3. Did you reason with Sam and Greg:
Reason: You try to talk them down, but they threaten you into leaving.
⦁ They will believe you're reasonable
Threaten: You threaten them in giving you their supplies, scaring them.
⦁ They will believe you're dangerous
4. Did you ambush Randall:
Ambush him: You headbutt him in the nose and Sam pushes him over, but he will knock her out and punch you.
⦁ Randall has a bloody nose (S2 Ep 1-3)
⦁ Sam has a black eye (S2 Ep 1-3)
Spare him: You stand your ground and he will escort you without any trouble.
⦁ Sam won't appreciate this
5. Did you sell Greg out to Norma:
Share blame: You blame Grey for one of Norma's questions and then take the blame for the second one.
⦁ Norma will hate both of you
Blame Greg: You blame Grey for lying on both questions and have him beaten up by Randall.
⦁ Grey and Sam won't appreciate this
⦁ Norma will appreciate this
Take blame: You pretend to lie to Norma and will beaten up by Randall.
⦁ Grey and Sam will appreciate this
⦁ Norma won't appreciate this
6. Did you let Sam shoot Zachary:
Spare Zach: You subdue Sam and disarm her, before Zach retrieves his gun.
⦁ Zach's fate
⦁ If you give James a gun, he will shoot Norma/Randall in their arm before they can shoot him, allowing him to escape with Jonas and later join your group (Ep 3)
⦁ If you don't give James a gun, Norma/Randall will shoot him in the head, killing him, whilst Jonas still escapes, but does not meet up with the group (Ep 3)
Kill Zach: You stand back and let Sam shoot him in the head twice.
⦁ Jonas will die trying to avenge him (Ep 3)

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