Does Negan like Carl?

Based on Negan's interactions with Carl, I would say that Negan likes Carl's spirit, and he sees it as a way it could benefit him, and therefore if given the opportunity will do everything he can to manipulate it to his advantage.

Carl's obviously has got the nerves of a Grizzly Bear, and if you know anything about Grizzly Bears, there is very little that intimidates them. And if it wasn't for Carl's age, Negan would've killed him a long time ago.

Negan wants Carl to be one of his henchmen, and since Daryl couldn't be broken, it makes sense Negan might set his sights on Carl, given that he is young, and still inexperienced; even though he has been through quite a lot already.

Hell, if Negan had his way, he may even plan for Carl to replace Dwight eventually as his right-hand man. Negan would discard Dwight in a heartbeat if he found someone more vicious and more malleable.

So what do you think, does Negan actually like Carl, and do you think maybe if you might have any plans for him?


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    Your supposition is well founded.

    I don't know if you have ever read the comics but it's well hinted that Negan likes Carl's spirit, he had time to spend with him when Carl infiltrate the Sanctuary and met him a little better. Also, the fact that Negan didn't nothing to Carl during that time as punishment for kill their men, proves in a better way that.

    I'm go more further, after the AOW arc we can see this again when Negan is imprisoned. Both of them have conversationts about any topic for what it seems and, that forged (at least for Negan) a kind of "friendship". But even then, Carl still want to kill Negan for all what he did, even when they had this conversationts.

    So talking strictly about the comic's arc, even when Negan maybe wanted Carl to be one of his henchmen, that hasn't happened so far until now.

    However, talking about the TV show, all can happen in the narrative since there are differences with the comic. I don't want to spoil you more of the plot, specifically with Dwight, but maybe Negan have plans for Carl. Who knows.

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