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What does your browser look like?

posted by hansschmucker on - last edited - Viewed by 3.1K users
Title says it all really:
What does your browser look like and why?

The browser is a nightly Firefox trunk build ("Minefield")
The layout is simply done by Showing only the menu bar with small icons.
Elements from left to right: Navigation, Reload, Stop, Menu, Location, Search, Bookmarks, Fullscreen.
The design is the default theme with the "Elegance" persona applied.
The Persona icon in the bottom left corner is the only icon added by extension.
Window design is Windows7 Aero with black and about 50% opacity.
Close button on tabs is moved via browser.tabs.closeButtons:3

P.S. The window is usually quite a bit wider so that the location bar expands.
Installed addons: Adblock+, APNG Edit, Base64 Encoder, Chatzilla, DOM Inspector, Firebug (only enabled when I need it, as it's prone to create conflicts), FlashGot, Full Screen Video, Greasemonkey, LiveHttpHeaders, PasswordExporter, Personas
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  • Ever see Google Chrome? There's what mine looks like. :p
  • Mine looks like Firefox 3.5.2
  • hansschmucker;179649 said:
    There are pros and cons for any browser really (well, except Internet Explorer)
    How true. I can't believe that 60% of the computer users use that crap.
  • Speak for yourself. Actually, Internet Explorer works fine for my needs. It does what I want. It browses the internet, which is what I want to do if I download an internet browser. I have other programs on my PC which accounts for everything that you can get in terms of Firefox addons, which means I don't need the addon feature. Firefox is no better for the rare popups that you do get, IE and FF both have the same amount of popups. IE is just as fast as Firefox, not to mention you don't get those annoying red x boxes when you load the page up. Chances are Firefox will get hacked just as much as IE would, now that most people use FF now. Not a big fan of custom skins, either(No offense to those of you who do, it's all personal choice, really). Consequently, Firefox really isn't that much better than Internet Explorer, for me, anyway. I do apologise if I seem a tad mean there. Ofcourse it's all personal preference I guess.

    ANYWAY, consequently, my browser just looks like the plain old Internet Explorer 8. :) Nothing fancy, but I like it, it's clean and does what I want it to.
  • IE is and always has been ridiculously slow.
  • Then thats to do with your computer, not the browser. I've tried both Firefox 3.5 and Internet Explorer 8 and I've found no difference in speed. I would prove it now, but unfortunately I was forced to wipe Vista the other day, so I've no longer got Firefox installed. But I don't want to start a stupid which Internet Browser is better war, because it's a waste of time, and neither side wins.
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    32-bit Chrome and IE8. I'd rather use 64-bit browsers but without flash support ... :|
  • Standard Firefox 3 scheme. I used to have the Bookmark Toolbar enabled and categorized as I have way too many bookmarks but that was in Ubuntu and I find myself using Windows more lately for games and music production. Haven't touched Ubuntu in ages. Gotta get all my settings back from there.
  • Rawr, I hate to break it to you, but MSIE really IS terribly slow. No matter how you look at it. From any point of view. And that's already taking into account that people like myself spend weeks optimizing their code so that it runs as fast as possible in MSIE, sacrificing speed on all other browsers.
  • I avoid Internet Explorer like the plague.
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