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Problem with golfing during championship (Episode 4)

posted by pennstat on - last edited - Viewed by 824 users
I'm not sure if I've hit a game glitch or not.

I'm in the Towne Center. I selected the short round first and the golf ball went down where it should (not) have. But now I'm at a point where I'm completely stuck, and I'm wondering if the game is stuck in a logic loop.

The camera is zoomed in on the sidewalk and the only option I'm given is the Wrong Trousers' remote control with the selection of which course to use.

When I choose the short course, the Trousers walk off and Wallace talks about how he needs to focus on getting the ball back from the place where it ended up. Then the view drops back to the sidewalk and the Trousers' control in inventory.

When I choose the long course, all that I get is Wallace hitting the ball until it comes back to where it started, he'll ask Gromit which club to use, and it drops back to zooming in on the sidewalk with the Trousers' control again. I'm given no option for choosing a different club, and I can't get past either of these two scenarios.

Have I run into a bug here or is there something that I'm just completely missing?
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