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W&G Episode 4: Logic loop during tournament?

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I'm in the Towne Center during the championship. I selected the short round first and the golf ball went down where it should (not) have. But now I'm at a point where I'm completely stuck, and I'm quite sure that the game is stuck in a logic loop/bug.

The camera is zoomed in on the sidewalk and the only option I'm given is the Wrong Trousers' remote control with the selection of which course to use.

When I choose the short course, the Trousers walk off (even if I'm already at the short course) and Wallace talks about how he needs to focus on getting the ball back from the place where it ended up. Then the view drops back to the sidewalk and the Trousers' control in inventory.

When I choose the long course, all that I get is Wallace hitting the ball until it comes back to where it started, he'll ask Gromit which club to use, and it drops back to zooming in on the sidewalk with the Trousers' control again. I'm given no option for choosing a different club, and I can't get past either of these two scenarios.

Thinking that the game as just confused, I exited the game entirely and started it up again. The same thing happens. The game starts off looking at the sidewalk with only the Trousers' remote control in inventory.

I don't see how this can't be a bug. I can't get to the inventory window at any other time because I get the "Tea break!" message, but yet I can't access anything except the controls and the course selection.
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  • As I said above, I can't get to it! I'm locked into the remote control for the Wrong Trousers. No matter what I do, the game keeps putting me back to the inventory screen where the only thing that I can do is select the long or short course from the Wrong Trousers' remote control. THAT'S IT!

    This has nothing to do with wanting hints for the game. The game won't let me do anything except select the long or short course! And whenever I pick one, it shows the uninterruptable cutscene/action for that course then plops me right back into the inventory screen with the remote control.

    Either I've not done a good job explaining what's happening or you read my post too quickly.
  • I think what I didn't understand is what you meant by "drops back to the sidewalk and the Trousers' control in inventory".

    Since it's clear now that you meant, "brings you back to the 'hole selection' screen on the remote control", that clears that up.

    Though you did mention, after you claimed that you were stuck in a loop, that you were also starting on the last hole and were unable to choose a different club (which would suggest that you had been hitting the ball and were able to move around). I think the order that you brought that up, lead to my confusion.

    And after playing back to that part of the episode, I see how what you are describing could appear if you couldn't leave the remote-control screen. You can't "Right click to exit" the remote-control screen, I'm guessing?
  • So much for my searching skills. :/ That link was what I needed. Thanks a bunch. What a bizarre bug.
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