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Episode 4 Waiting Thread - Releasing April 25th, Trailer Out Now

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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Please use this thread for discussion about game release dates and/or discussion about the wait for the next episode. Thanks!

Release Dates

  • PC - April 25th
  • Xbox One - April 25th
  • PS4 - April 25th
  • iOS - April 25th
  • Android - April 25th


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    OzzyUK Moderator

    Here is a brand new release date thread for everyone :).

  • Cool. I loved Episode 3 so far. But the fourth episode? You know, shit can always happen in the fourth episode of a Telltale game. Remember Season 1, Season 2, Tales from the Borderlands and Batman?

    • Eh, I liked those penultimate episodes, so I'm not really worried about the fourth episode of this season.

      • Season 2 Episode 4 was just terrible and it still is. If the same shit happens in ANF as well, Telltale won't get my money for their games anymore.

        • I dont see it having the same problems as season 2. Season 2 had the issue that after carver they didnt know what the fuck to do for the last two episodes.

          I could see it having the same issues as season 1 where its more filler until we get to the final showdown. Because lets be honest the resolution of richmond is the finale most likely

        • If the same shit happens in ANF as well, Telltale won't get my money for their games anymore.

          I doubt that you will stop buying their products if episode 4 sucks.

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            Melton23 BANNED

            He's still playing after episode 1 and 2 of anf isn't he? I actually liked those 2 episodes actually... Just proving a point since nobody else seems to like them.

            • You're not really proving much of a point, but regardless, if he bought the season pass he has no reason not to continue playing what he's already paid for in hopes of it improving since it still has potential to. The games still generate interest even if people are less than thrilled with what they've received so far. Episode 3 actually seems to be an improvement over the first two, I can't understand why it's receiving such poor critical reception.

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                Melton23 BANNED

                My point is that people say they hate a new frontier but they don't

                • So you can't dislike the first two episodes without hating the remaining three, two of which aren't even out yet? Makes sense.

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                    Melton23 BANNED

                    Exactly. People just need to give the rest of it a shot.

                    • I was being sarcastic when I said that. The fact that people are still playing despite not caring for the first two episodes is proof that they're still giving the game a chance. Continuing to give the game a chance has absolutely nothing to do with whether they were happy with the way the first two episodes played out. They are at least willing continue on until the conclusion in hopes of it improving on the faults in the first two episodes.

    • Huh. Episode 4 of season one is one of my favourites. I loved meeting Molly and the Crawford storyline. It was particularly interesting in my opinion.

    • TWAU, Season 1 and 2, and Batman all had shit penultimate episodes compared to their other ones, but Tales From the Borderlands' penultimate, really? It might've been my favorite out of all of them, personally.

    • Yes you are right... In my opinion I think as Javi Shot the bosses they will turn on him and his brother and throw them out... But that's only my thinking I don't know man anything can happen...

  • Here we go!!! I don't have episode 3 yet lol, but let's start the "party".

    enter image description here

  • Prepare for 2 months of no information and high volume of mixed fan comments.

  • I'd happily take 2-3 months for an episode of similar quality to episode 3.

  • Let's see if you can impress me with EP4, Telltale.

    enter image description here

  • I want more of this smile. Do it, do it, DOOO IT!!!!

    enter image description here

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    The waiting game begins again...

  • Aw yeah. I'm feeling really good about this one! Episode 2 left me feeling underwhelmed, but this time I'm excited. (Maybe a bit more for Guardians...heh)

  • Well, this episode was really good. (Though I guess I'm easy to please or get involved with a story... I liked Episodes 1 and 2, ['like' being the key word here] even though I agree some aspects felt kind of rushed. Anyways...)

    • There was great pacing here. It wasn't "action set-piece after action set-piece". There was time to talk with characters, let emotions out, and take a breather to ponder on past events. The Season is back on track. [though, not many hubs to explore, unfortunately. Just "move forward with the left stick" moments.] Still fun though. Even without many hubs. The story and events are quite engaging in that cinematic form.

    • Telltale really has some good choice/consequence effect going on. For the first time, dialogue really had more of an impact than usual, with characters frequently bringing up things you said earlier. It wasn't all just filler dialogue choices until you get to the next big choice, like how it usually is (Again, not that I have a problem with that..) They need to stick with that level of attention for their games, not that "dialogue mattering" truly matters to me and is an end-all-be-all, but it's a really, really nice thing they put effort into. :)

    • I can't believe that Telltale went with catering to the minority of choices here. Just about 10% of people (including me) went with Conrad's plan at the end of EP2, right? I kind of thought he'd just be the silent man in the background, or somehow get killed off quickly, to get the stories back on the same track, but no! Is it possible, Conrad is the best Determinate Walking Dead character since Doug/Carley in Season 1? Having him with us gives us even more depth and choices that doean't really affect the whole plot, but at least his story on its own [I'm talking about the give gun/keep gun and let Conrad kill Badger choice.] Unfortunately for me, My Javier [sorry, ahem.. #MyJavier] won't ever know because I made the mistake of not giving him the gun. He died at the Warehouse. My Javi didn't want to forgive Conrad for his stunt earlier on. And I feel bad about it.

    • Extra details that I'm not too clear on: My Clem mentioned "A friend of mine used a crowbar on someone". Is that determined on my Season 2 choice of letting Clem see Kenny mutilate Carver's face? or does everyone get that?

    • Now, Telltale has 4 things to take care of: Kate and Gabe leaving Richmond, or staying. And, the fate of Max, dead or alive? If they can handle those things by catering to all of those outcomes equally, I'm sure people will come around and have more faith in TTG's "Choice Matters" slogan.

    (Side-note, speaking of the slogan: I think it's better for Telltale to have it appear once in the first episode and then never again. With that slogan comes expectations, and whenever you start an episode and you see that, it isn't just a "story-based game" it becomes a "choose your own adventure game". They are telling you: ""Your choices will have an impact, it changes things in the story."" But when people don't get that promise fulfilled? -- [à la, Season 2 flashback incident] it can be heart-breaking. The choices don't matter anymore at that point. TFTB had the slogan only in the first episode and then ditched it. With that, came surprise. Whenever choices had impact, because you weren't being told it every 2 hours, it was a nice feeling. It was an added benefit and not a promise.)

    EDIT: One tiny thing thing that I don't exactly like though, is the "Previously On.." segment. The way Javier says "Previously on the Walking Dead" is kind of... meh. I understand why and am totally fine with Javi doing the small voiceover bit, but the way Lee said it was so good: "Previously.... on the Walking Dead." mmmm, mmm, good. Also, the real thing with the "Previously" segment I hate is the way it's all presented. Quiet, uninteresting music while all we hear is dialogue from scenes with no sound effects accompanying them, and how it fades to black after every shot. I know that that's the game loading in the background, but, I will reiterate this again from Batman, Have the game load this segment before the episode plays. More often than not, the "Previously" segment feels disjointed or drawn out, and that's usually because of all the fading through black. If it flowed nicely, with clean cuts between dialogue and scenes (yes, maybe a few fade through black moments), I would appreciate it more.

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