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Newsletters from Telltale

posted by PabOu on - last edited - Viewed by 658 users
Hi TT support team,

I 'm not receiving newsletters and announcements from Telltale anymore :'( I don't have a spam folder, I just don't receive them...

The last one I got was the "Get Your New Wallace & Gromit Episode" from the 15th of June.

I miss them :(
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  • Ok, I got the reason ! SPF rules are too restrictive : 21600 IN TXT "v=spf1 mx -all"

    My e-mail is a redirection and the final destination refuses the forwarded mail because the forwarding server is not listed in SPF record.
  • I want to know how often the Telltale Interloper is emailed. The first time I got one I was like: Pssssh! But now I really want to read one!
  • That's the second most obvious hint I've ever seen. :)
  • No, I don't I'm lost and confused now.
  • I have the same problem here. I subscribed during the Pirate Day and bought TOMI, but I only received e-mails related to my order, no Interloper at all yet. And users here in the forum say they have received news with the link to add a new Treasure hunt map.
    Can anybody help?
  • I emailed the support team quite some time back - could be up to 12 months - they said they could see no reason for non-delivery from their end. I have to keep checking the web site for releases. :confused:
  • The same answer they gave to me.
    One of them kindly sent me the newsletter from his address :)
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Hey guys, it's pretty likely that we're going to send another newsletter out this week. Malrau and eolith: Could you guys reply if you do/don't receive it? I'll post here when it goes out.
  • Hi David E, sorry to report no newsletters still.

    CORRECTION: I did get one on December 10th - just temporarily lost amongst the flood of Christmas messages. Happy, happy, happy. Thanks David E
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