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how big?

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so, how big is the season when i install from the dvd?
is it the 700mb it says on the system requierments part of the box?
the reason is i want to install the game on me brothers lappy, and he is worried about space. he says its fine if its the 700mb it says on the box.
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  • I'd say that it's less than 700. Each episode is about 100 megs apiece.
  • It might be actually more if you install all the episodes. But you are free to install single episodes and uninstalling them after you completed them.
    The size varies from 100 to 300 mb per episode.
    Together they were about 1 GB in my steamfolder but they also always had a Version of Direct X that was installed. You may delete the direct X setup files You don't need them 5 times i guess.
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