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Details that people might forget, don't notice or just don't know about GOTG Edition

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I think it should be pretty obvious how this goes down now. Have fun detail hunting.

  • So the main theme of the game is ELO's Livin' Thing. However even though it is still performed by ELO it isnt the original version of the song.

    Second about the song again. If you all remember way back in the Tales from the Borderlands days there was a "leaked" episode 5 credits. Well... here's that video...

  • During the fight with Thanos, Rocket, who's voiced by Nolan North, repeatedly says the word 'crap', which could be a reference to the Uncharted games, where Nathan Drake, who's also voiced by Nolan North, uses a similar "crap" catchphrase.

    • Funny how I can always recognize his voice in games once the character he voices starts yelling or making frustrated sounds. I've gotten to the point where I'm pretty good at recognizing any voice actor specifically by their distressed noises. They can do flawless accents and sound completely unlike themselves, but their exasperated/angry/pained sounds tend to sound the same across all characters.

    • Nolan North voices Rocket? Never knew that. I'm probably gonna give Guardians a try now.

    • They even reference this in "Transformers Prime", a cartoon which Nolan North voiced main character Smokescreen. In the show he'd constantly say "scrap", which is the Transformers equivalent of "crap".

  • When talking to Drax back on the ship, you can see a poster for "Bootloose," an obvious rip off of Footloose.

  • Young Star Lord is voiced by Jeremy Shada. Most well known as the voice of Finn from Adventure Time and more recently Lance fron Voltron: Legendary Defender.

  • If you decide to perform an action while you're using your communicator, Star-Lord says something like: "Ooh. Hold on" or "Wait a sec"

    Also, here are the Song-based episode names with their respective artists:
    Episode 1 -- Tangled Up in Blue (by Bob Dylan)
    Episode 2 -- Under Pressure (by Queen)
    Episode 3 -- More Than a Feeling (by Boston)
    Episode 4 -- Who Needs You (by Queen) [-- multiple songs share this name. The Queen song was released in the 1970s, so it lines up with the other songs of the game]
    Episode 5 -- Don't Stop Believin' (by Journey)

    If you tell the Kree man at the bar "Don't bring race into this" after he insults you, later when you meet again Peter gets an extra line when he appears: "Great, it's the racist."

    • It should be noted that "Tangled Up in Blue" was never actually heard in the game, so the episode names aren't indicators of what the episode's main song will be (For Episode 1, it was ELO's "Living Thing").

    • Ha, I'll have to pick the race dialogue option next time! I just apologized to him because I didn't want to start a fight and sour the good-time vibe. I usually pick all Neutral Good dialogue options on my first run-through of these games, because that's usually the options I go with in real life. I'm one of those weird gamers who can't play a mean or evil character, even if I start a playthrough with the intention of being a bastard. I have to experience those through 'scumbag playthrough' vids on Youtube!

  • Here's an interesting detail that I'd like to point out. Rocket is voiced by Nolan North, and during that moment where you briefly take control of Rocket during the Thanos fight, he says "Crap crap crap crap crap crap craaaaappppp." Something that another character voiced by Nolan North says on a daily basis.

    Nathan Drake he is not.

  • Well I just discovered something INCREDIBLE.

    Not only are the Episode names song titles, all of the Achievement names are Album/song names of the 70s and 80s...

    Complete All Episodes: A Little Help From My Friends (by The Beatles)

    Episode 1
    * Chp 1: Appetite For Destruction (by Guns N' Roses)
    * Chp 2: Permanent Waves (by Rush)
    * Chp 3: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (by Elton John)
    * Chp 4: We're Only In It For the Money (by The Mothers Of Invention)
    * Chp 5: Electric Warrior (by T. Rex)
    * Chp 6: It's Only Rock n' Roll (by The Rolling Stones)

    Episode 2
    * Chp 1: Double Fantasy (by John Lennon and Yoko Ono)
    * Chp 2: Creatures of the Night (by KISS)
    * Chp 3: Every Picture Tells A Story (by Rod Stewart)
    * Chp 4: Too Fast For Love (by Mötley Crüe)
    * Chp 5: Fly By Night (by Rush)
    * Chp 6: Space Oddity (by David Bowie)

    Episode 3
    * Chp 1: Living in the Past (by Jethro Tull)
    * Chp 2: A Kind of Magic (by Queen)
    * Chp 3: Masters of Reality (by Masters of Reality)
    * Chp 4: A Momentary Lapse of Reason (by Pink Floyd)
    * Chp 5: Blood on the Tracks (by Bob Dylan)
    * Chp 6: The Dark Side of the Moon (by Pink Floyd)

    Episode 4
    * Chp 1: Women and Children First (by Van Halen)
    * Chp 2: Darkness on the Edge of Town (by Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band)
    * Chp 3: Out of Our Heads (by The Rolling Stones)
    * Chp 4: Obscured by Clouds (by Pink Floyd)
    * Chp 5: Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (by Neil Young)
    * Chp 6: Bridge Over Troubled Water (by Simon and Garfunkel)

    Episode 5
    * Chp 1: Everything Changes (by Lesley Duncan)
    * Chp 2: Wish You Were Here (by Pink Floyd)
    * Chp 3: Diary of a Madman (by Ozzy Osbourne)
    * Chp 4: Bringing It All Back Home (by Bob Dylan)
    * Chp 5: All Things Must Pass (by George Harrison)
    * Chp 6: Brothers In Arms (by Dire Straits)

    So Telltale, did I get it all right??

  • Should whoever we give Thanos' body to affect the tab situation in a future episode?

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    According to Eric Stirpe's Tumblr he was the one who wrote the emails on Quill's computer.

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