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GOTG Episode 2 Waiting Thread - Rated by Aus, Releasing June 6th, New Key Art, Trailer Out Now

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Release Dates

  • PC - June 6th
  • Mac- Coming Soon
  • Xbox One - June 6th
  • PS4 - June 6th
  • iOS - June 6th
  • Android - Coming Soon


May 26th

May 24th

May 18th

  • Rated by AUS

April 21st

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  • Can I discuss spoilers for episode one here?

    • Discussion of spoilers from past episodes is okay.

      Says so in the thread.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      Discussion of past Episode spoilers is okay - we only ask that people not post spoilers for an episode in its own waiting thread because we want people to be able to use Waiting Threads as a safe, spoiler-free area to check for news and see if that particular episode is out.

      So, Episode 1 spoilers are okay, but not any spoilers from Episode 2 (when we get to that point) because this is the Episode 2 Waiting Thread.

  • Okay, I wanna know...

    -- Am I the only one who expected Thanos to be some 20 minute mini-boss? A lot of people here didn't like how Thanos was up and gone so quick, but I expected that since he was first announced... I didn't expect his death, but I knew he wouldn't stay for the whole episode.

  • So... Tales from the Borderlands was about the return of Handsome Jack, and Guardians of the Galaxy is about the return of... Peter's mum? The Forever Forge is going to be used to resurrect her for sure.

    Also, was that Nebula that stole the Forever Forge at the end of the episode? I couldn't tell. I kept thinking it was, then I thought it wasn't, then I thought it was again...

  • I find it strange that Peter would be (determinantly) against sacrificing one life to bring back someone who he loves, when in this episode alone he's already killed Thanos and a few other Kree soldiers.

  • I'm really hoping Thanos has a bigger part than he did in his 5 minute segment.

  • Wait so after reading some earlier comments I always thought that girl that we fought at the end of the episode was Nebula I guess it was just some new character? So I guess Nebula and Hala look similar to me.

  • Am I the only one glad Thanos is out of the picture for a bit? I liked that Telltale is breaking the norm, and trying to go for something both different and very Guardians at the same time. The eternity forge is a cool plot device. and its going to be interesting seeing everyone's desires...Maybe one of them involves a certain pissed off sis wanting to bring back her deadbeat daddy. We'll see, but for now a new threat sounds pretty good.

    • Yep. I like where this is going.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      I'm in the middle; killing Thanos is definitely something of a wildcard, but I feel that the build up to his death could have been more climatic. A lot of the Episode after the first 20 minutes focused on how the Guardians felt after they killed him, but I was hoping to see more drama and action around Thanos before his death.

    • I think he should not have been in the game if this is what they had planned. I'm on board with having a original villain without making a existing powerful villain a generic blowoff.

      • He wasn't blown to smithereens, he's still got a body, and like I said Nebula might have plans to resurrect Thanos. Its not like this is the Guardians first outing either, so it makes sense for a more experienced and veteran team to take him out.

        • Well he was killed in one shot by Rockets gun in 5 minutes. If it wasn't for the gun they would have died so it's not like their expert battle skills is how they won. And I didn't mean blowoff in the literal sense just to clarify. Granted I could be expecting too much out of Thanos.

          • Fair enough. Although I doubt the movie counterpart could even last as long as Telltale's team, but I digress. Hopefully we can get more of Thanos later on, just sort of glad we can try something new for a bit.

  • I hope more people will pick up the game, it deserves more lovin' and discussin'.

    I personally loved it, can't wait for the next episode to know what music will be there c;
    and what will happen too of course

  • Well...this thread is about to explode. Hype is real xD

  • We still don't know how this eternity forge works but if Thanos was killed does that mean that one person could already be revived because apparently you need a sacrifice to revive a person maybe Thanos was the sacrifice and there still is a way to revive a person (probably Peters mom) .

    • Well, hypothetically, if the Eternity Forge needs a sacrifice to revive someone and it is all a 1:1 ratio, and we know that Peter was dead during his mother's funeral flashback/vision, then it checks out! Thanos died with the Eternity Forge, so he was the sacrifice to power up the Forge. Peter was revived by the Forge, expending its energy into him to revive him.
      Though, I feel like that's not its only use. Thanos was going to use it to "decimate and cleanse planets throughout the galaxy", not sacrifice people to revive others... there must be some secret power it can give to people.

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