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Ep 5 Waiting Thread; Out May 30th, PS4 EU 31st; FYI: Beware of early spoilers in other TWD threads!

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Please remember to NOT post any gameplay videos or spoilers in this thread, doing so may result in your account getting a timeout.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Warning: The "recommended" videos at the end of this trailer may contain spoiler thumbnails for episode 5, please watch with caution or pause the video before the end.

Release Date

  • PC - May 30th
  • Xbox One - May 30th
  • PS4 Eu - May 31st
  • PS4 NA - May 30th
  • iOS - May 30th
  • Android - May 30th


May 18th

May 15th

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May 10th

May 1st

April 27th

April 11th:

  • Episode 5 Activity in Steam Database

March 31st:

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Pass some time and get to know the Telltale Community! While you are waiting for the episode, why not pass some time by getting to know the Telltale Community?

Discussion of spoilers from past episodes is okay, but please do not discuss story spoilers (or share videos) relevant to this particular episode inside its own Waiting Thread - Episode Waiting Threads are meant to be spoiler free discussions where people can follow news updates and see if an episode is out yet.

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