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)CSI) Trouble installing (looks like I'm not the only one)

posted by jacksmom on - last edited - Viewed by 135 users

I bought this game for my son a couple of days ago and at the end of the install I get lots of errors along the lines of:

could not create registry key
could not create sub key
could not create url

probably around 10 errors all along those lines

then it says the game has installed but on clicking both the shortcut and the icon in the game folder i get another error telling me it can't update

I am using windows vista

thank you
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  • Sounds like UAC running wild again:
    Right click on the installer and chose run as administrator.

    If the game installed successfully, but still won't launch, try the same with the game itself.
    If that works, right click on the game, go to compatibility and enable always run as admin.
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