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Will Jon Snow pardon or execute Gared?

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Given that Gared was to be executed for killing Britt and then flees Castle Black on the eve of his execution. If the events of Hardhome and the Battle of the Bastards are going to be in Season 2, do you think Jon will execute Gared for desertion or will he be pardoned because Jon needs all the help he needs to reclaim Winterfell?

  • Since the Nights Watch itself betrayed Jon, I pretty much doubt that Jon would execute Gared for what he did. Jon knows that Gared only did what he did because Britt had killed Gared's family, so I can see Jon forgiving him.

  • That is very hard to answer, as it completely depends on the circumstances of Jon - or in other words, how far into the series the next game will start. It's hard to say when Gared and "his forces" will arrive at the Wall, since TellTale can make him arrive whenever they want him to. I'd say that they'll (TellTale) make Jon forgive Gared, after some sort of conversation/convincing if they have to meet at all. I doubt Jon will care much anyway if Gared arrives after his death, all the other things that need his attention considered.

  • That's really hard to say. Assuming if Season 2 start immediately where it left off, then that would take place in the middle of Season 4 and Mance was marching to besiege the Wall. Which would make it harder for Gared to cross because Jon did not become Lord Commander until sometimes in Season 5. If there is a timeskip and Jon has become Lord Commander, he might be able to help Gared cross the Wall.

    Both scenarios would require some talk and hard convincing through since Gared is still a deserter.

    But if we are by end of Season 5, Jon would no doubt jump at the chance for more human crossing the Wall. You know, White Walkers and that.

    • I do hope Telltale makes the dialogue choices between Gared and Jon challenging. The right choices, he lets you live. The wrong choices, Jon chops Gared's head off with Longclaw.

      • Or, how about, Gared arrives at Hardhome and meets up with Jon before they see the clan leaders? He's pardoned and told to wait outside. When the White Walkers appear during the loading of people onto the boats, Gared gets a red choice: stay and fight OR leave with the boats. He stays, he dies and so does the blood warriors and the Bastards, ending it all. Getting onto the boats, Gared lives, a Bastard dies and the other lives and only half the blood warriors go with you, as the other half stayed behind to fight with the Bastard who dies and all are resurrected for the Walker army.

  • Frostfinger made the prediction the Night Watch would end Gared's life sooner or later. That's a pretty ominous omen if I ever heard one.

  • Well, I'd argue that it'd be hypocritical of Jon to do that, but apparently Telltale enjoy going down that route.

    Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense, at least in my game, if he did kill him. Jon told my Gared that he understood what happened, but that he wasn't in a position to help. Now Jon is in a position to help, so he better do that.

  • For that to happen you have to march south (last choice in S1)
    Even if you do tho, I think Jon will be dead by then and will have other business than killing Stark loytalists, especially given the fact he gets convinced by Sansa to recapture Winterfell. He really does need every man he can trust. And who but Gared hates the Whitehills/Boltons more? Plus if you told Jon who Britt is, he tells you that anyone would want him dead, that he'd like to help you and so on. Frostfinger is the one that wants you dead, not Jon. Jon stands up for you, remember?

    So the answer is clear: no execution. Doesn't mean Jon will trust Gared tho. At the end he says "a man of the watch doesn't run away". "I though I could trust him Sam, but, I was wrong"

    At the very worst Gared will be given the choice to leave as the Red Lady could. The new king in the north isn't a bucther. He executed Janos Slint but Slint truly asked for it (u see what I mean)

  • It should depend on the last impression Gared left to Jon Snow in episode 4.

    • If you defended Britt's Murder to Jon saying that you've honored your vows-Result Gared alive
    • If you don't defend Britt's Murder-Jon Snow wants to execute Gared
    • If you said to him that Britt was the killer-Jon Snow wants to execute Gared
    • If you reafirm Gared's actions saying that killing Britt was the right thing-Jon Snow wants to execute Gared

    Basically the only positive impression Gared left to Jon Snow was when he follows the first option.
    Other extra facts would be on this "meeting" will be Frostfinger who already wanted to kill Gared on the first place,some fans have theorised that he feared that Self-defence kills stands around the Wall provoking Anarchy in it.
    Finn could also have a scene if you decided not to carry him North of the Wall,mocking Gared or some stuff.Other possible scene would be that Erik(the man you can exile to the wall on Season one) makes an appearance as well on the meeting.

    I like the idea and I hope Telltale uses it ;)

  • Jon probably wouldn't execute Gared, since he would understand Gared hating Britt, and he even says that anyone would want him dead after what Britt did to Gared's family.

    • I would like to see some influence of the impression Gared left Jon Snow on their last meeting on Season two.The atmosphere could have some tension,doing it more interesting.If they only give us a friendly meeting would disappointing.
      As I said before my preposition would be more realistic ;)

  • Jon Snow will be on the forrester side watch

  • Neither cause Gared aint getting caught by them, Ironrath or bust!!

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