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Episode 2 Horrible S-sound quality why? [re-download for higher quality voice!]

posted by RMJ1984 on - last edited - Viewed by 6.9K users
we must have an answer now Telltale, why you absolutely wanna ruin, this great dialog with this horrible S-sound quality, especially on elaine, i mean my GOD my ears they hurt :(

Seriously, i just dont get it. why use so much time on dialog to put up such bad quality. Will you continue ignoring us ?

Thinks its time we get a responce, because its pretty horrible to say it nicely.
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  • especially in the dialog in the royal chamber, really bad sound quality :(
  • Yep, I've got to second it. Normally it's not that noticeable for me in other episodes, but man, it's really poor quality here. You guys really need to make it better, please! It's a constant complaint.
  • I was surfin' the web and just remembered that the episode was released today, I rushed over here and while I was dling I checked out the forums to find this thread, something I was worried about. I mean, the download is only 200 mbs. I hope it's not too bad.... or else its gonna bug the heck outta me.
  • I noticed it too, and I thought it was really bad.

    I recently got a new sound system for my PC, and haven't played Launch of the Screaming Narwhal on it since, so I thought maybe it was just more noticeable with my new system, but apparently it's related specifically to Siege of Spinner Cay.

    I wasn't pleased, especially with the Royal Chamber conversation so far.
    I thought Guybrush was bad, but then I heard Elaine talking... wow.

    I hope they can fix this somehow, because it's bad enough now that it's affecting my enjoyment of the game.
  • I was just about to go here and make a thread about this. It was a horror in S&M with Sybil that I learned to cope with, but as you say its just dreadful at the royal chambers.

    So Telltale, pretty pleaSssse with marSsssmallowSssss fix this because it ruins all the immersion.
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    Will BANNED
    Hey guys, I'm moving this to the Support forum. I'm talking with some people about it now.
  • I actually had to download episode one again, to make sure my ears weren't playing tricks on me. But no, it really is significantly worse than episode one.

    It's dropped down to Sam & Max levels of quality. :(

    It's a damn shame, as the better sound quality was utterly blissful in the first episode. It was responsible for a large chunk of my enjoyment.

    Edit: I think Will posting in here is the first time we've ever had a Telltale Team member actually post in a thread about sound quality. I hope this means we'll at least get a response. :)
  • I've also been experiencing this problem. It seems really bad in this episode, notably whenever Elaine says a word with "S" in it. Guybrush is passable, although there are slight problems there as well. Its not even an occasional problem, it occurs whenever she speaks. I also had this problem with the Wallace & Gromit games. It isn't a hissing problem, its a distortion or crackeling whenever there is an "S."
  • Oh God, I've just got to the bit everyone's talking about in the royal chamber. That's really horrible, I've had to stop playing. :(
  • I just started playing and have to say Elaine's voice is pretty bad. Along with one time shortly after where I was hearing pip noises while Guybrush was speaking.
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