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Chapter 2 not working!

posted by Dastardly on - last edited - Viewed by 366 users
Everytime I start it, it says "it has stopped working" damn you Telltale!
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  • Same here, except for that whole damnation part ;)
    Crashing on both Vista Home Premium 32bit and Windows 7 RTM 32bit.
    On both the machines ToMi 1: Launch of the screaming Narwhal works fine :s

    For clarification; it crashes after showing the screen where you have to register the game.
  • I can't access the DEMO. When Launching the starter shows a javascript error (not always) and after some loading it says that I'm logged in and to try the demo but no button o link to click to launch it !! s_s HELP
  • We're not talking about the demo but the fullversion here.
  • Arrgh! Been waiting for this and it does'nt work, fails to start:eek: i have Vista 64 installed.
  • I have the same problem... I am using XP SP3.
  • I just started using Windows 7 on this computer...I had an issue where a certain application suite would not install. Weirdly enough, it worked after I deleted temporary try that...
  • I don't know if we're talking about the same problem here, but here's what I'm experiencing:

    I installed the 2nd episode and when I double click the icon, it opens the welcome screen, when I press the "Launch game" button, it crashes.

    Here's the error signature:
    AppName: monkeyisland102.exe
    Appver: 2009.8.19.32126
    Modver: 2009.8.19.32126
    Offset: 00366948

    I'm using XP SP3.
  • Script error when clicking "Launch game". XP SP3.
  • Get a freaking script error, and manual codes don't work.

    Gah I got up at 4AM for this.
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