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Stuuck, any hints? (spoiler

posted by ronnielau on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
I'm stuck on getting the seahorse summoning artifact from the two pirates. I realise that I'm supposed to do something whilst they have their backs turned on me, but damn it, I can't understand why, and I have tried -EVERYTHING-, and its driving me nuts! :P
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  • That doesnt work for me, each time i try putting anything in the chest, one of the pirates tells me to get away from the treasure chest.. Is this a glitch in my game then ?
  • It's not a glitch. You need to sufficiently distract the two pirates. Ask them to settle their dispute with a staring contest, and then divert their attention. Now you might be able to put something in the chest that could help you find it once they bury it.
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