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You haven't seen ToMI until you've seen it in real 3D

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Topic title says it all really. I am totally and utterly blown away how stunningly beautiful ToMI e2 looks in 3D. Sorry Pixar, but you're out of your league here!

I realize not everybody has a 3D screen that's why I've scaled two screenshots down for looking at with the crosseye method. Just look at the tip of your nose and then try to focus until both parts of the image overlap.

Pirateguybrush's explanation is probably better:
Pirateguybrush;185199 said:
Hold your finger in front of your face and look at it. Now bring it in to touch your nose, while still focussing on it. Touch your nose. Your eyes are now crossed.
Short video clip (requires Firefox 3.5+, or any other browser that supports OGG/Theora, or a video player like VLC)


Some more for your viewing pleasure (this time with more depth... that amount would usually result in a headache when looked at fullscreen, but it works better for smaller images).

I had to cut away some of the edges because there's a small glitch there if you set the depth too high, that's why the images aren't all the same size.





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  • Oh, man that looks great. Howwwww, HOWWWWWWWWWWW!

    Dammit I want to replay this game and episode one with cross eyes. Even if it leaves me with an invalid eyesight.
  • You actually could with the iz3D drivers, but I think I'd recommend red/green glasses for longer sessions.
  • Why did I never think to try the eDimensional glasses with a Telltale game? Is that what you used?
  • hmm, i still have these old nvidia shutter glasses my cousin gave me...unfortunately they're broken. these things is like ten years old...did they finally manage to make something new?
  • Nope, I'm using a Zalman Trimon with iz3D drivers... but theses drivers work with just about everything (they're not free for anything but anaglyph though).

    P.S. The TriMon uses interlacing with a polarized transparency stuck to the surface. You wear polarized glasses and since the lines have alternating polarization each eye only gets every second line. The big thing here is not really the technology, but that it's cheap, cheap, cheap.
  • Damn, I can't cross my eyes for medical reasons, but my bro said it looks good.
  • Argh, I'm jealous... I love looking at stereoscopic things, I can only imagine what playing Monkey Island like that must be like!
  • I've played both seasons of Sam and Max in stereo 3D using shutter glasses with the NVidia stereo drivers. The menus and overlays didn't work very well and some of the close up camera shots got a bit messed up, but for the rest it worked brilliantly in stereo 3D.

    Unfortunately Monkey Island and Wallace and Gromit both refuse to work with those NVidia stereo drivers. There are Iz3D drivers for shutter glasses, but those are still in beta and cost about $50.

    Then there's NVidia's own shutter glasses, but they cost $200 and require Vista or Windows 7 and a more recent videocard than I have.

    Did you lower the detail settings of ToMI for it to work well with the iZ3D driver?
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    I think I am one of those people that is unable to do those stereograms.. I go completely headachy trying to achieve what I'm supposed to be seeing!
  • Tim;184304 said:
    I think I am one of those people that is unable to do those stereograms.. I go completely headachy trying to achieve what I'm supposed to be seeing!
    Try to zoom out of the page or increase the distance between you and the display. Cross-eye view gets easier the smaller the image is. When you're comfortable with the small view try to zoom in again.
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