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First Episode available TOMORROW!

posted by Winckle on - last edited - Viewed by 6.1K users
Yes, i live in France and i'm excited about the worldwilde release of the first episode!
I've never played Sam and Max before but i think it's great!
I've seen some videos of Hit The Road and the humour is great.
(Why not sold or offer Hit The Road when buying the first season or in a bonus with the CD? It will be great because i can't find it anywhere)
At what time the game is supposed to be out tomorrow (GMT hour)?
Thanks for the answer.
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  • Yeah i thought about that ensignyu.. I recently graduated and am looking for work.. in fact I should be getting a job result very soon (hopefully tomorrow!). If I get it, then future releases Ill be getting back from work at that time. But with all the job application stress I was kinda counting on Sam & Max being out earlier tomorrow only to help me relax as I wait nervously :p

    I still think its a very valid point though - this isnt like a gamestore release.. this is an online release catering across the globe so the location of the developer should matter less than centralising the time zone so its most comfortable across the globe? Which means PST is far too far west - GMT is the standard central zone isnt it that provides the best time difference east and west?
  • Releasing at the same time worldwide (which is what they are doing) is the fairest way. Releasing earlier in some countries just because of the timezone is just ridiculous.
  • Im not quite sure how stating its 'ridiculous' without any reason for 'why' it is is much of an argument. The positives is that its an earlier download on the day for 'many' players across the globe than just west coast US players.

    And whats the downside? As far as I can see.. none. If it simply is released in the middle of the night US west coast (very early hours of the morning 1st Noveeber) when most PST players are likely going to be asleep and waking to it 'anyway' (and if they stay up, wow they get it as soon as Nov 1st breaks!).

    Are you so against other people getting the same feeling of waking up to this game that the simple premise of the game being released a few hours earlier is so terribly alien?

    As you can see many players expected it to be midnight anyway - and midnight PST the first minute or so of November 1st on the west coast of the US would allow most of the world to download when they wake up TOO. The fact it might wait until 10 hours later (when people start waking up PST) makes littlse sense when they can do the same thing the previous midnight and make a lot more people happy earlier.

    Sorry for being so ridiculous. :eek: You need to understand the game isnt being released 'earlier' in other countries, the rays of the sun simply reach us earlier. It almost sounds like I need to apologise for the sun rising over London earlier than it rises over LA or something!
  • Just imagine that the release date is actually November 3. Then you can all have a nice surprise when it is actually made available in your country some 0-48 hours before November 3 actually begins.
  • No Ill imagine instead that the world composes of the USA and I happen to live outside it :) Who knows - Telltale may still start releasing it at midnight and the world can download when they wake up whereever they are. Since I really can't see why they wouldn't do this small thing but looking at the thread and the attitude of some posters, clearly these people are hesitant to say 'yes why not let those guys have it early too - jsut release it at midnight.

    Instead its 'no you wait.. you're not getting it earlier in the day than us because we are asleep when you'll be playing'. I have no answer to that. At least not one I can post anyway.. I think Ive posted all I can on this argument so Im going to leave it now. What will be will be.
  • No doubt Telltale are releasing the game worldwide at the earliest possible time that their contracted 2-week GameTap exclusivity window allows.

    Given that they will need a full compliment of support staff ready for the tech problem deluge that will hit as soon as the game is available, I'd say it is totally unreasonable to expect the Telltale staff to basically get no sleep for 2-3 days straight.

    Let them make the game available in the morning, so they have a full, rested staff compliment ready to handle the bulk of queries that will come in during the course of the subsequent working day.
  • jp-30 wrote: »
    It's being simultaneously released around the world. How on earth does that mean some people have to wait longer?

    If there were staggered releases over the 24 hours of Nov 1 THEN it would be (ever so slightly) unfair that some people were waiting longer than others!

    No, what you fail to factor in is the Special Theory of Relativity. You see, it goes something like if you have a relative working at Telltale, you get the game earlier. Otherwise, you have to rely on one of the other tenants of Relativity. That no two events can be simultaneous unless they are both in the same frame of reference. Seeing as "Americans" are definitely in a different reference frame than, say, Europeans and Oceanians, the event is therefore not simultaneous (note that this does not take into account Californians being way out of reference in respect to the rest of the world :p). And in Australia's case, we have to remember that light travels slower in the Southern Hemisphere. I'm sorry, but I can't do anything about that. That's Physics!

    Sorry for the incredibly lame and long post. I hope I shed as little light and insight as possible into this discussion.
  • Im from Sydney and its about 3:30 pm Nov 1 :D
    /waits patiently
  • man so many australian sam and max fans..its good to see!
  • I'm from California and it's almost 9pm here, but it sounds unlikely we'll see a midnight PST release.
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