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Inventory issue in Ep 1

posted by wannabe_pirate on - last edited - Viewed by 106 users
So this isn't a major bug, as it didn't do much more than confuse me, but in playing LotSN, when I was attempting to trick the glass blower so I could steal the unbreakable bottle opener, and guybrush says "look behind you, a three headed monkey" or something of the sort, and the man looks away temporarily until he catches guybrush.

what happened is that after the second time of doing this, the unbreakable bottle in my inventory unexpectedly disappeared, leaving in its place the eye of the manatee. i assumed that there was a missing animation where guybrush quickly opened it and replaced it, until i discovered later in the game that it was necessary to actually steal it with the cannon.

so all in all, i'm not really sure what happened, but i thought i would report it. keep up the good work, both episodes have been amazing so far.
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  • I had something similar happen when trying to open the unbreakable bottle. Without having obtained the horn, I used the bottle directly on the horn next to the glassblowing pirate. He made a comment about not touching it. Then it showed an animation of Guybrush using the horn to break the glass bottle. I had the eye of the manatee, but not the horn after that. The horn was back in its original place. I just assumed that Guybrush had borrowed the horn and that he didn't need it anymore, which made the puzzle with the crystal in the door to the wind machine just a bit frustrating.
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