GOTG Episode 3 Waiting Thread - Episode Coming August 22nd, new key art, Trailer out now

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Please use this thread for discussion about game release dates and/or discussion about the wait for the next episode. Thanks!

Release Dates

  • PC - August 22nd
  • Playstation 4 North America - August 22nd
  • Playstation 4 Europe - August 22nd
  • Xbox One - August 22nd
  • iOS - August 22nd
  • Android - "Coming Soon"


August 18th

August 16th

July 28th

July 20th

July 19th

  • News Post: While talking about 'Batman: The Enemy Within', Telltale comments on Guardians of the Galaxy's next Episode
    • "...And don’t forget, Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series are both still going strong. Expect new episodes for both later next month. Until then, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram so you don’t miss out on the other fun stuff we’re rolling out during Comic-Con this weekend."

July 18th

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  • First post! I feel lucky. Well I'd guess that EP3 should come out very quick since its their only current active series.

  • Yay! Episode 2 was fun. Hopefully episode 3 is even better now that stuff is actually going on.

  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator

    This episode seems like it will focus strongly on the relationship between Gamora and Nebula going off the title card, which I think will be really interesting to see elaborated on.

    I'm gonna guess that one of their fights will be the focal point of their flashback.

  • The lack of activity here bothers me for some reason.

  • I assume it will involve the incident Nebula mentioned in Episode 2 which prompted their fallout. I also suspect we might see Thanos as well in the flashback.

  • I feel kind of sad that we're such a small minority here who plays this game. Even smaller if you only count the ones who like it so far.
    Were people really that put off from this after ANF? It's pretty quiet around here most of the time.

  • Can't wait for ep 3 :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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    It's quite sad. Guardians is a step in the right direction for future Telltale titles. Lots of hubs and optional conversations with the other guardians, decent length and nice character development. There's also Rocket or Gamora's relationship with Peter, which can vary a lot depending on your choices.

    Honestly, I think it deserves more love than what it gets.

  • Agreed, the first two episodes have for the most part and outside some bugs (which I'm feeling like a lot of TT fans are less forgiving of these days) have been really well done. The interaction between the characters is brilliant, the voice cast are managing to prove they're good stand ins for Chris Pratt and Troy Baker and company, and the choices which involve Peter's relationship with the Guardians seem to have more weight.

    People sadly seem so focused on what ANF did and didn't do or whining about getting Minecraft S2 and not what they want that they're missing out on a great little series so far, and I worry that it might mean no further games with the Marvel licence under Telltale.

  • Dont have ep2 on android yet

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    A lot of people don't care for this series because it was made at the very wrong time

  • ...but why, outside your specific assertion, would it be the 'wrong time'?

  • I really enjoyed Episode 2, and there is something I already know I will love about Episode 3: the title, More Than A Feeling.

    Take a listen.

    It's an absolutely fantastic song by Boston. I really hope it gets used in an action scene with the option to play it on the Milano. It would be disappointing if it's only appearance is in the title.

  • I agree, both of these episodes featured a lot of what people love about Telltale's games and definitely looks to be a step in the right direction. However, it is understandable for people to question just why this wasn't in ANF, which is a part of their most successful series.

  • I will say it, More Than A Feeling is one of the greatest rock songs of all time.

  • Too bad episode 2 didnt even have any music...

  • Your game glitched I guess. That sucks.

  • Damn, what songs were in episode 2 then?

  • The intro had "Dancin' in the Moonlight", which was in the reveal trailer, and the fight with Nebula had "This Town Ain't Big Enough".

  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator addition to what InGen said, there is a hub area where you can optionally play a tape deck as you walk around the Hub area with songs from Ep 1, Ep 2, and the ELO cover from the Main Menu.

    It's a really cool and creative touch on hub areas.

  • dojo32161dojo32161 Moderator

    If you check the options menu there's a "Stream-Safe" option which is for YouTubers and Streamers who don't want to be flagged for copyright, so I'd check to see if you somehow have that on.

  • After what people have seen of anf and it's lack of everything a lot of folks won't trust telltale at any game for a while...they gutta earn the fandoms trust back

  • I assume since minecraft 2 just got announced I think episode 3 will come after story mode episode 1

  • I think that just replaces copyrighted songs with something else, rather than removing it. (because if there were no music, that'd really detract the experience with people's streams or videos.) If there was music of any sort, he'd hear it, I'm sure

  • Not everyone has played ANF or overly cares how that handling relates to handling of any other non WD game. People need to realize that there are fans of sorts who play the different Telltale games. I thought TT did a overall great job on Batman, so I had faith in them doing a good job on Guardians.

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    You do realize that what made telltale relevant was twd game right? It's the most requested and beloved game and half of telltale's fans are only fans to the walking dead....well and maybe tales and wolf...but apparently a lot of the movie fans don't play telltale games lol its their problem ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • I'm really enjoying the series. Can't wait for episode 3.

  • I loved the songs on the tape deck so much! Do someone know the name of the first one played juste before "why can't i touch it" please?

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    I've just realized: we have yet to hear any of the songs that appear in the PlayStation theme. Some of them (based on the 5-second clip of it as the headphones pass the screen,) are pretty catchy.

    Also, we still have not seen Drax on any of the "next time on" sequences! If we place these interviews at the end of the series, and it's as if the Guardians are retelling the story to this off-camera individual, Drax is either the one interviewing us... or he's dead.

  • The problem people have with a S2 Minecraft is that several other series are far more deserving of a sequel that have been waiting years. Wolf among us, Batman, Tales from the borderlands. Wolf among us has been in strong demand for years and Telltale has done nothing yet Minecraft receives a sequel with moderate request.

  • Hold on, that ELO song was a cover?!

  • I am pretty sure it isn't. I even listen to a side by comparison, and the only difference I found was that the Main Menu song (which can also be played on the Milano) has its intro cut slightly.

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    Hmm.... It might actually be a cover in the game. The top video you showed me there does seem to have some itty-bity difference in tempo and recitation of words (don't worry, I'm a pro). It sounds slightly different. Now, that may be because of the sound quality, but I think Blind may be right on this one.

    Either way, if it is a cover, I can barely tell... it's that good.

    EDIT: No wait! After playing and replaying the first few verses up until the chorus for both videos, I may be wrong. Some lines from the top video seem to be sung extremely slightly differently than the Guardians one. [look at the "Oooh, and your sweet desire" line for both]. The menu song might be the real deal. Or not. My mind is playing tricks on me!
    Gaahhh! Someone on staff needs to clarify this for us.

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    OK I enjoyed episode 2 and I LOVED Rocket's backstory and I have a question.Did you guys think that it's possible that with Infinity Forge will bring back Lylia? Because I have a feeling that I told Rocket in the episode that we will find a way to bring her back and I hope it's possible in future episodes maybe in episode 5 finale?

    What do you think about it?

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    Well when Rocket wasn’t able to revive Llya I was constantly saying to myself it needs a sacrifice. We obviously know that each episode is going to have a flashback abd each probably involves one of the guardians loved ones. Nebula mentioned a name to Ganora (forget the bane but it started with a T) abd it got her pretty upset then Drac will probably have a flashback to when his family died. For Groot IDK I have a feeling we may have a choice to revive one of the guardians loved ones like llya, Gamoras loved one, a member of Drax’s family, whoever Groot may have lost, or Peters mom, or revive no one it would be a very interesting choice and a lot of outcomes to it I know there have been choices In telltale games where telltale had to add a “next” option just to select a different choice so it’s possible.

  • Well, the only series that has used it so far (at least for the modern ones) is The Wolf Among Us. When making your first hunch on who may have caused the murder, there are about 6 choices to chose from. In terms of loved ones to revive we have: Lylla, Whomever Gamora wants to revive, Drax's family, Peter's Mom, or something for Groot. That's 5 possible choices.

  • I had the same idea while playing episode 2. Thought they'd have us decide who to revive in episode 5.

  • Okay... the version of "Livin' Thing" in Guardians is most likely real, not a cover of any sort. In the EP1 credits, it does say it is performed by Electric Light Orchestra (though there is a typo they may want to fix, as it actually says: Performed by E Electric Light Orchestra. Just sayin'.)

  • Damn, that's a good song. I hope it's used, but it doesn't seem likely on current form.

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