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  • I didn't have any problem finding the Library. It's pretty obvious there's a bridge there. Why wouldn't you check it out?

    The bucket however was a pain in the ass. It blends in really well with the background and there's no other indication that it's there. I had to look it up here.
  • I never had a problem with the bucket =\
  • Wow, didn't realise the bucket was such a big issue. It was pretty much the first thing I saw in that scene - I was just like "oh, bucket... well, that's mine *yoink*" because it seems like such an obvious adventure gamey thing to pick up (like if you see a key or some rope). I think this was even acknowledged as motivation for picking up the bucket by Guybrush in the fourth-wall-breakingish dialogue that roughly went: "why did you pick that up?" "because.. it's there" "you're strange".

    So yeah, didn't realise that'd be an issue - but if it's just because it blends in well with the background so people miss it then fair enough.

    Also, I think most of the things you listed were accomplished pretty well in this game. There were one or two arbitrary puzzles though.
  • I did miss the bucket, but I went to the library even before I went to the bait shop. Plus you can see the Library sign from the docks (and the Bait sign, too. I assumed they wanted to be sure people wouldn't miss them).

    I don't think it's fair to complain about that. It's your fault for not going everywhere (just like it's my fault for missing the bucket every time... Although it seems I really wasn't alone lol)
  • Yeah, I got stuck on the puzzle too, if you can even call it a puzzle. I tried everything in my inventory to try to pry it out, but nothing was working... When I realised I was like "why didn't I just try that first -_-"
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