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Both MI Ep 1 and 2 crashing

posted by Vetinari on - last edited - Viewed by 119 users
When I downloaded and played episode 2 yesterday, everything worked fine. But now, when I want to start the game again, I can still select "launch" from the splash screen, the game starts up correctly, but when I try to select my saved game (or even start a new game), it just crashes back to Windows without any message whatsoever. Even when I just try to modify the settings, I'm suddenly back at my Desktop.
I had the same problem with episode 1 (it ran great the very first time I started it, but on subsequent startups, in about 3/4 of all attempts it just crashed back to the desktop), but in episode 2 it is eben more noticable, the furthest I got before the program close itself was being able to see Guybrush for about half a second.
I tried reducing the graphical settings, but nothing worked.
I never had any problems like this with S&M or Wallace and Gromit (I'm running Windows Vista)

Is there anything else I can try? I really want to continue the game... otherwise I will probably need to play episodes 3 - 5 in a single session each...
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