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Which Walking Dead game character had the absolute lamest death?

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Of all three games including mini-series and DLC games, which character death did you think was utmost dumbest or even most preventable?

  • Nick's second death. It was so lazy and unforgivable to kill a character offscreen on a fence.

    • I thought that it seemed like a fitting death for Nick. Its easy to get snagged on something, doesn't usually matter much more then a hole in your clothes. But if you are running from a zombie and get hung up for even a second that could be all she wrote.

      • A fitting death? How is being found dead on a fence fitting? Nick was a great character and deserved better.

        • I kinda liked Nick's second death. It was a clumsy death for a clumsy guy.

          • Yeah, I did too, if only because there's a bit of an investigating element to figuring out what happened, the fact that he's given a pretty unique(if a bit disrespectful) sendoff, and that it ultimately speaks for what type of person he is.

            • I believed he might of suffered from too much blood loss after getting shot in the shoulder then eventually succumbed. Far as how he got stuck in the fence I just don't know.

              • What happened is that he, Luke, and Sarah ended up in the trailer, with all three being hurt in some way--Sarah's having a nervous breakdown and lost her glasses after smacking into a walker, Luke's ribs were aching due to the beatdown Carver gave him and all the running they did, and Nick himself had been shot in the shoulder by Tavia's men. It was apparent that they weren't getting out of there easily in their condition, so Nick just locked the trailer's front door and tried to make a break for it to get the other two help. Unfortunately, he ran into a walker(who I call the Nick-killer) that ended up taking a fair chomp out of his neck. Nick was somehow able to get away and reach the hole in the fence Sarah used to get in, but unfortunately, he'd lost a lot of blood due to not only the gunshot wound, but also the missing chunk in his neck bleeding out. He ultimately collapsed trying to leave through the hole, getting himself stuck on the wires and eventually turned. About an hour or so later, Clementine and Jane found his walker hanging there and after apologizing for not getting there sooner, the former put him down with three swipes of her axe and the latter, after advising Clementine that the ax is risky to use due to getting stuck on the final blow, unhooked his corpse and tossed it aside so they can get in. Jane then gave Clementine a screwdriver to use instead, picking the Nick Killer out as her first target.

                So ultimately, Nick took a stupid risk by blatantly ignored his own injuries to go get the necessary help to save his friends--and in a way, he succeeded.

    • Also with no dialogue in the episode whatsoever.

  • Sarah's both deaths. I just can't stand them. Fuck Telltale

  • Definitely Nick in Amid the Ruins. Sarah's death was lame too, but she at the very least died on screen and had some dialogue during the episode.

  • Nick's in Amid the Ruins. Sarah's second death would be a close second, but I didn't hate her first death too much.

  • Chuck. At least Nick's was determinant, Chuck will always die off screen, forgotten, and ignored. 2nd place would be Ava's second death.

    • He save Clem though, and he died forgotten and ignored just like the homeless in our world. Ava was just lol, it was so bad that it's just funny which I don't think the intention was.

    • The only person who remembered him enough to want to go looking for him was Lee. Besides Lee it seemed Chuck didn't speak very much to the rest of the group and was only known for like half a day so that could contribute to why mostly everyone forgot him. But Clementine ought to had mentioned him too since he saved her life when Ben ditched her for the walkers.

  • Ava's death was just a middle finger to anyone with a shred of hope for this season.

  • Ava. It actually made me laugh out loud because of how dumb it looked. And how pointless it was.

    Nick's fence death, Sarah's deck death, and Kenny's car crash death were the only other ones I thought were poorly done. Chuck's could have been better, but I still thought it was okay.

  • Sarah's "canon" death. It will always be a low point for this series, but it lands here specifically due to how contrived it is and the obvious bias against her among the developers is ridiculous apparent due to the sheer amount of choices and the character development she had going into this episode meaning literally nothing.

    Ava's second death is probably the closest to a second due to how ridiculously incidental and not at all appropriate it is, even if there is this mildly clever(or insulting/sexist) payoff if you tried to save Tripp on the first playthrough and then her on the second.

    • Sarah's "canon" death.

      Canon implies her first death?

      • Her second death, since there are certain scenes that take her presence into account and play out with a key difference or two if you left her. I generally consider the latter death of a character in the story the canon one mostly because of that.

        And it also just hammers in how terrible the developers/writers were about that that her canon death has the least amount of effort put into having it(and her presence as a fairly major character for several episodes) actually mean something and make sense in the context of the story.

        • They built up Ben that he was finally going to earn his place in episode 5 and do something that would benefit the group, which he never did, which cool at least it was un predictable. But then they just did it again with Sarah. I thought teaching her how to use a gun would be payed off in a later episode by saving a character but nope lol.

          • And that's what makes her treatment even worse by comparison: there was clear effort and effects given to making Ben's determinate status matter across two separate episodes, while Sarah(who was younger, weaker(?), and far less guilty than him) got the rawest deal twice in the same fucking episode.

  • Is it a question? Obviously Ava's second death.
    "AVA NOOOOOOO!!!" "Alright let's go."

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