Arrivederci Telltale..



  • "Thanks for everything, herc. It's been a real slice."

    fallandir posted: »

    Uhm, Meg? You were saying something else from what I remember. Geez. I knew Hercules was a fucked up movie, no way in hell that a ginger guy would be a national hero, get a girl and eventually become a real god.

  • Well, so long bro :)

    I'm gonna keep tabs on Telltale's progress on these forums. Call me stupid, but i'm hopeful they can turn this around.

    Telltale's in a shit place right now though. A really shitty place.

  • DeltinoDeltino Moderator

    There are so many old telltale accounts that immediately cut contact & left the forum after the s3 travesty and never came back.

    Yeah, those people were the smart ones.

    s-s-s-s-sick burn

    Lol you must not be around much because that certainly isn't happening. Sure the 12 year old who don't know the difference betwee

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