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Click here if excited For season 4

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I'm excited! Are you? Let's get some positive comments for season 4 that telltale games can look at!

  • No I'm not excited and I don't have a reason to. This franchise isnt getting better any time soon or EVER.

    • And yet you are still here. So what is it...just love to bitch? Are you telling yourself you are here to witness the events for history's sake? The Trolls?

      • There's no correlation between me being on the forums and "loving to bitch". So voicing my opinion or criticising the game is bitching? Suuure.

        • Everybody---just, * sigh *... Calm down okay? No need be enemies... Let's just, put a good thought of telltale this time okay?

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          Deltino Moderator

          If you admit that the series isn't going to get better, then why do you bother posting these opinions/criticisms, exactly? You said it yourself, you don't expect things to improve... so surely by that same line of thought, trying to post criticism of any kind would prove to be fruitless.

          Unless there's some cyclic logic I'm missing, I just don't see the point of it. If I was faced with something that I am convinced isn't going to change, no matter what I say or do, I'd just walk away from it. Let it fade from my mind. If anything, that's an even bigger 'screw you' than trying to tear it apart-- you aren't even giving it the satisfaction of acknowledging it anymore.

          Actually, now that I think of it, this whole thing reminds me of a certain quote about the definition of insanity.

          • I've already voiced my criticism, this thread had a question saying if I'm excited for this season, I said no. Don't see how that's insanity.

            • "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result."

              Make of that what you will.

              • Nice try but I'm not expecting a different result. Also I'm not really doing the same thing all over again since you mean bashing the game or criticising it, I've already done that. This thread was just a question and I answered it.

                Oh and here's a defintion of innaccurate: incorrect or untrue.

                Make of that what you will.


                • I was going to think of something witty to say, but I just now saw that this dude was banned.

                  So now I'm writing this to tell everyone in spite of the low percentage of people who might actually care, and I'm pretty sure I wrote a wall of text that means absolutely nothing.

              • He wanted to play Far Cry again. Excellent FPS.

      • By your logic if I hate or dislike the game and stay commenting on the forums, that's loving to bitch. Ok lol.

      • What's the problem with bitching? ANF sucks ass and a lot of people agree. Would you rather they continue to lie to us and make a story that's mostly a pile of shit?

        The only positives I can see here is not going back to that awful ANF cast and actually having Clementines story continue. Y'know, what SHOULD'VE been season 3.

        • If you are being constructive with the bitching...then no problem. However if you just come on to say blah blah...blah blah blah sucks...then it is more trolling.

          • Do you really need to be constructive with ANF? I mean the problems are very apparent. I.E very short episodic times, little character development, not finding what happened to AJ, ect. Is there a problem with pulling a joke or two?

            If this messaging board allowed signatures, I'd gladly have one my old thread display the problems with ANF, like this one

          • We all know why Season 3 was fucking shit. We've heard the constructive criticism for it many times

            • Shoula has a point, dan. I've seen plenty of sour grapes, saltiness, bias steamrolling, and bitching all over the board, but barely 15% of the criticism was actually suggestions on how to improve certain aspects.

              • Thank you...that is what people like Dan and dan will never understand. Tell us how you would have made it better...not flogging the same old dead horse. I have pointed out how it should have been done many times...I have done this with season 2... @DabigRG has as well. It does no good to just keep crying about a fucked up us how you would have made it better.

                • Are you blind? Once again you fucking insult me saying I don't understand? I have said MANY times on how i would have made it better and that is to make future games identical to that of season 1, longer episodes, character interaction and development, being able to talk to everyone and learn about them, optional side quests, puzzles, basically anything that Season 1 had. You have some nerve saying i haven't ever said what to improve.

                  I am really pissed off you have said that about me. I wasn't even insulting your post. This is exactly why I don't come here as often anymore because I get shit from people like you all the time.

                  • I stand by my post...I have seen way too many of your shit posts. You do not like ANF...that's fine...neither do I...but constantly moaning over it is beating a dead lil dan, you can be all pissed off...I shall not lose any sleep over it.

                    • ♪Your tears are what I like for♫

                    • ♪Your tears are what I like for♫

                    • Ha shit posts? Really? You mean the posts of me positively defending Kenny whilst day after day you fill your posts with negativity about him because you've nothing better to do? Those posts? Lol at least i am not negative like you and when i am it's only in reply to your crap or if something i am being critical of is justified.

                      Guess what? There is a lil button that says "Hide Thread" that you are welcome to click if you hate seeing my "shit posts" lol but yet you don't either because you still obviously have some fascination to them in some way. I will continue to say exactly what i damn well want to say thanks. Tell me this though? How is what i have said not in any way a constructive post? I have stated a lot what i would change about shit season 3 (as i have again above) and you say i never have when evidence proves otherwise. I noticed you failed to acknowledge my points of what would have made season 3 and future TT games better.

                • that is what people like Dan and dan will never understand.

                  Damn those Dirty Dans, ruining our positivity! lmao

              • I agree with Kennyshouladied to an extent that it's been a good few months now since it was over and posts that generically insult the game are pretty pointless at this stage (not that I really care about stopping the posters doing so though). I also agree with Dan though that season 3 was very disappointing and below the required standard fo what a game should be.

                Just to add, the posts expressing anger and disappointment were fine when the season was happening and it was in the heat of the moment I didn't agree with the notion that we should stop criticising the game just to create a nice atmosphere on the board. Even more confusing and bizarre to me were the posters that didn't even like s3 much but would defend it for the sake of creating a positive atmposphere, even though that clearly wasn't the general feeling at the time.

      • So what is it...just love to bitch?

        Pretty much.

    • Feel like this guy prefers minecraft story mode.

  • HELLOOO! I said positive comments. What if it gets better. With negative comments it might not get better.

  • asks for positive comments

    the only comments so far are negative
    enter image description here

  • Well so far the "positive comments thing" isn't going as plan. Ok yes I agree ANF wasn't the best because u didn't play as clem but they confirmed that u will play as her in s4.

  • Well, I can't wait...for season 4, felt like ANF could've done better and well, for me it also felt like an unfinished season...
    I'm exited for the next season though I hope they're getting their head around on s4.. Learn from what they've become in ANF and learn why it shouldn't have happen in the first place.. and make s4 worthed telltale, please, I'm begging you... :')

  • I'm positive that I'm not purchasing this one until all 5 episodes are out, and there are a fair amount of reviews.

  • At this point I don't know what telltale will do :(

  • enter image description here

    BTW, I'm not excited. But I'm just here to enjoy seeing everyone bitch at each other.
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    Deltino Moderator

    Hey everyone, thought police here. I'm here to enforce the prime directive that the poster of this thread has henceforth mandated.

    Or in layman's terms: let's try to actually, you know, say some positive stuff. Of any sort. Anything positive at this point. Talk about how much you like ice cream or something. I'm not even asking for it to be related to the game at this point. Let's just try to turn this collective frown upside down.

    Here, let me start:

    I just ate lunch. It was a bit late to be lunch, but I still enjoyed it very much. I am happy!

  • well im still holding out Hope to see Molly again next season .

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