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Have you ever died in a Telltale game?

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So we all know that it's extremely easy to avoid a game over in a Telltale game. Sometimes however we get distracted for whatever reason and are treated to a gruesome end for the main character. Do you remember any time when that happened to you?

  • Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 2. When Brenda held Kat hostage, I simply couldn't figure out what to do. I must've died over 20 times at that part because I didn't realize I needed to walk slowly and occasionally stop.

  • Twice in Minecraft: Story Mode. I couldn't move the character in time because my phone wouldn't let me play left-handed.

  • Many times.

    Although 99% of those were during Jurassic Park... and it was on purpose. (other 1%)I can almost guarantee I died during TWDs1. I'm sure I, at least, did it on purpose once, if not by accident.

    • When the bandits ambushed us at the tractor and Lee got shot in the head
    • When Danny St John opened the barn stall and shot Lee in the head
    • When I didn't grab the gun from Vernon fast enough and he shot me in the head
    • When Gared didn't crawl under the wagon fast enough and Frostfinger shot him with a crossbow.
    • When I stayed silent during the Conrad choice and he shot me in the head

    I'm sensing a trend...

  • Only in the walking dead season 1. During episode 3 when the motor in was under attack by bandits I was terrible with my aiming and died about 17 times. I also died like 8 times in that bad ass Lee scene in episode 5 when he’s slashing through zombies to get to the marsh house. Back then I didn’t play video games as much as I do now so my skills were kinda bad.

  • When I first played season one of the Walking Dead, yeah a couple times.

    • I was walking too slow when the walker was chasing me behind the tractor.
    • My game glitched out when I started beating Andy St. John, and then he beat me to death as I was unable to fight back because of my game glitching out.
    • The walker in military clothing at the drugstore wouldn't let me click on him, and then I got killed.
    • I didn't get free of the walker from the grate below's grasp in the sewer in time, and the other walker killed me.
  • Lmao no not unless i was bored or kreeged on sum good hash

  • Many many many years ago when I was younger, I could not for the life of me figure out you were supposed to grab the shotgun next to Lee in "A New Day" so I kept clicking on the officer. I probably killed Lee like 50 times. ;-; I'm sorry Lee I love youuu!! Oh that and the damn bandit scene in "Long Road Ahead" which in total I probably died somewhere around 100 times on. Fuck. That. Scene. And yeah a few other times in Season 1 as well, but I was new to gaming back then, so they aren't worth mentioning that much.

    These days, nah not much. Unless I'm just stupid and fuck up a QTE or something.

  • Recently I died in ANF when you had to go through the herd in Ep 5 covered in walker guts, I thought it's gonna be like every other TWD game ever where you just keep pressing W (As Lee in S1, as Clem in S2 ep4, as Michonne) so I died then I realized this time you gotta move around

  • On my first play through of season 1 of the walking dead I died in the warehouse while trying to cut down the tanker because apparently punching a walker means you die straight away. I also died in TFTBL when you are at that racing thing and have to fight the pshyco's on the cars. All of the other times were to see how funny or stupid the deaths were.

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