MCSM Episode 202 Waiting Thread - Releasing August 15th, Trailer Out Now



  • It's fixed. Downloaded and playing the game now!

    jpr100 posted: »

    Same here.

  • It's out on XBox 360. Downloaded and playing now!

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    is there any achievement listen On Xbox 360 Yet It Still Says 200/200 Gamerscore on it

  • Episode 4 ?? Jaja

  • Where's eps 4

  • Ohmigosh!! I loved it!! Playin' it 24/7 :D Plus, it's one of the best chapters of season 2!!

  • I hope there's a Season 3 (crossed fingers!!)

    AngelicTea posted: »

    Yay! First comment! That Episode was amazing though. And now we wait...

  • I loved Episode 1!! The only bad thing of this episode is that Jack should find another ginger!! I mean, Petra is Jesse's Ginger (JACK GO FIND ANOTHER ONE!!) And another bad thing is that Petra wanted to go outta Beacontown, that stinks, even if she if fan favorite XD

    Kris_havard posted: »

    Episode 1 was awesome. What are your thougts on episode 1?

  • It's cool

    Kris_havard posted: »

    It was a funny name for a sword XD

  • I mean, it makes sense.
    It's called Miss Butter because of the color, it's like butter's color. Also, she named it like that because that sword is for "butt-kicking time". It kinda makes sense. It's funny and cool at the same time!! XD

    Kris_havard posted: »

    Yeah same for me

  • Yeah.... yeah makes sense. Maybe the Admin got mad with Gabe XD

    I just noticed something. If you go to the picture for Episode 3,"Jailhouse Block", if you look to the right you see a character i

  • I just noticed it's the arm of a zombie..... :/

    raquela1977 posted: »

    Yeah.... yeah makes sense. Maybe the Admin got mad with Gabe XD

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