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The Walking Dead Character Bios Conrad

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Pretty decent dude if you let him live.

God bless everyone.

  • Conrad was one of the total disappointments in this season.

    He was a total scumbag in the tunnel and then writers made him an angel fallen from the heaven to make ashamed to majority.

  • Conrad is overrated.

  • Conrad was alright. He's not the greatest designed character, although I would've loved some more scenes from him in Prescott and inside Richmond. When Conrad disappeared in Episode 4 (or three?), I figured he wasn't going to come back. Telltale sure did surprise me when he returned. I actually paused right at that moment I saw him and just smiled. I was interested to see how this would play out in Episode 5, but that's probably his weakest and most disappointing part of ANF. In fact I really wanted to rescript how he was handled in episode five instead of just being thrown somewhere for no reason only to see him at the end.

    Here's what I wrote in my thread on that:

    So what about Conrad? I don't know what the hell happened, he was literally right next to us, he isn't seen until THE END OF EPISODE FIVE. Okay, I think I could've made something for Conrad. Have Conrad go into the building, determinately have Conrad stay with Eleanor to help by Eleanor revealing to Conrad what happened to Tripp. If Tripp dies but Javi tries to save him, Conrad will go with them up to the top of the building, if he picked Ava to live, Conrad will get mad at Javi for trying to save Ava instead of his best friend (despite Tripp living anyway). This will result in Conrad staying with Eleanor unless Javi's previous actions with Conrad convinces him otherwise.

    Conrad lives if he stays with Eleanor but his interaction to Javi at the end is either hostile or neutral depending on your previous actions towards him (such as letting him kill Badger). If Conrad decided to go up he will be seen on the freeway. Conrad will pass the car near the slope along with Ava. The walker grabs Conrad, Javi can choose to help in time or not, if Javi fails, Conrad will fall to his death. If Javi manages to help Conrad, he doesn't die. Either way Ava lives. Ava is dependent on Conrad to survive. If Tripp is alive and Conrad went with them.

    Conrad will go after Tripp, leaving him alone on the other-side. Instead of Javi snapping the helicopter blade and almost dying, this will be Tripp. Conrad, noticing his friend is in danger, will attempt to think of a quick plan, he will make a quick run up and jump onto the Helicopter, barely grabbing onto the Helicopter but managing to hold on it. During this time, Tripp will be moving up just as Javi did onto the Helicopter blade. Conrad lowers himself down on the helicopter, helping Tripp up. Boosting him up onto the top of the helicopter and jumping first onto the bridge. Conrad, still on the helicopter which is about to collapse, tries to to jump onto the bridge. If Javi puts his hand out to Conrad in time for Conrad to grab onto, Conrad will not die, but if Javi fails, he will die.

    But overall, aside from this, I was pretty happy with how he turned out. His character makes sense. He saw his own wife get killed in front of him. No matter how long an apocalypse goes, you'll never want to experience something like that. Doesn't make sense how she got captured by the New Frontier however, but that's another story I suppose. The option to kill him was rather... Poorly played out. I mean, how he goes for Gabe instead of Clementine and how he actually would shoot a kid (in the game over screen). I dunno, I just really can't see that with Conrad, even if he is depressed. Would've been nice to see have a "..." option instead of instant death. So I'm going to blame that I'm Telltale's decision, not Conrad's design!

    • I know how he shoots both of you if you don't say anything, kind of weak. It would have been cool if remaining silent meant he just lowered the gun and you didn't have to betray Clem or kill him. Nice summary there. Yeah it would have been cool if he had more of a role in season 5. However I think if he were there during the david vs javi part he probably would have helped Javi.

      Thank you for the comment.

      God bless you.

    • Não faz sentido como ela foi capturada pela Nova Fronteira no entanto, mas essa é outra história que eu suponho.

      This is the problem of so many rewrites of Season 3.

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      Deltino Moderator

      Would've been nice to see have a "..." option instead of instant death. So I'm going to blame that I'm Telltale's decision, not Conrad's design!

      If you ask me, they should have just made not doing anything default to the "accept plan" path. Just make it so in this version, Javier simply doesn't say anything when Clem's all like "why?"

    • Yeah I thought you may have been able to wound comrad (Javi had a shot).

      Thank you for the comment.

      God bless you.

  • Was gonna comment on how there's no comments in the recent thread, but I didn't notice this when it first went up.

    Yeah, Conrad definitely one of my favorite characters in this installment, even if he still ranks behind Gabe, Kate, and Ava. He added something really interesting to the story(not that that was too hard, mind you) and to the game series as a whole, which is actually something ANF really struggled with in part due to being fifth installment and I wish they fully capitalized on with other characters. I also appreciate how Telltale actually made the effort to truly fix at least one severe complaint from a previous Season--I wish they didn't have to, but I'd appreciate it nonetheless. My only complaint is that there wasn't more of him as an Anti-Hero/TET and/or with Clementine, but considering his condition, I'll accept what we've given this time.

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