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Inventory Items: make your guess

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Well, first of all here is a list of the items at the end of episode one. Those that are crossed didnt make it to episode 2.

*Flier: useless
*U tube: you could break it and board without it.
*Deep gut map: also useless
*Bottle breaker:should have stayed. Theres always new stuff to break.
*Ancient door face:should have stayed also. A big rocky ring could be reused in a lot of strange ways
*Merkey tool
*Weather vane:a gift to the Narwhal.
//Parrot: (guybrush pick it up, but its never displayed on inventory)
//Eye of the manatee: another strange dissapear.

So the lucky winners for episode 2 inventory were:

*Eye of the manatee
*Merkey tool

And finally, by the end of episode 2 we get these items. (Crossed ones are the more likely to vanish in my opinion)

*Elaine´s ring
*paper (useless)
*Fish eye of the manatee: i dont see any more uses for this ("i dont see" get it?? its an eye!!. Oh, forget it)
*101 fish jokes
*Fish eggs (like the Utube, you can board without it)
*Crowbar tool
//Parrot (once again the poor souless thing is left behind)

So, what you think?
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  • the u-tube WAS useful in ep1
  • Yes, but after that, you could break it with the bottle breaker and leave the island without getting a new one.
  • Woodsyblue;186540 said:
    I thought that would have been a fine time to get rid of the parrot but I guess TellTale has other plans.
    The voodoo lady said that it was cursed, so we definitely won't be losing it anytime soon.
  • Guybrush obviously has a sword and shovel
    Why aren't they in the inventory
    I like the hook as a permanent addtion
    And understand what it's trying to achieve
    And realise the shovel missing is a joke
    But the sword at least must be there
    Like Manny's scythe or Sam's gun
    So we can threaten random characters with it
  • And how about we get to open the Narwhals cabin to find past inventory items there as souvenirs among the mess.
    Like Sam and Max's closet.
    Always a fun surprise.
  • Matbe the weather vane was the first souvenir and guybrush will decorate his ship with past items.
  • The mast is the second
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