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Characters in S2

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In celebration of the upcoming S2 (which is amazing), which characters would you love to see again the most in the S2?

Mine would be Bigby, obviously, and Nerissa. Please bring back our favourite mermaid!

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    I want to meet snow's sister red rose and Visit the farm. AND FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THEIR COMIC-LOOK.

  • King Cole. For some reason I just really want to see King Cole.

  • I think Boy Blue, Pinocchio and Rose Red need to make an appearance.

    Also would definitely love to have Colin around again.

  • Keep Colin around for sure. I'm just curious about the timeline for season 2. Will it immediately follow after season 1 or will they push it up a few years? Hmmmmm....I'd like to see more of Rose or at least get mentioned like she briefly did in the past season. I'd like to see the return of Gren for sure. Perhaps throw in random fables? :) There are sooooo many characters from stories & songs that can fit in this!

    I'm just soooooo excited!!!!

    • I'm pretty sure we'll encounter quite a few new characters, but the biggest names from the first season will make an appearance, such as Beauty or Beast.

      I know, buddy, this is the best news from Telltale in a long time!

  • Bloody Mary! She needs to be there alright? TTG just gotta include her, they have no moral right not to. I NEED MY LOVE BACK. #BloodyMaryForSeason2

    Hey armis (:

    • I'd agree to that only if they brought Nerissa back as well!

      Good to see you in the forums again, buddy :)

      • I know exactly what having Nerissa back must mean to you, so I'm down for it bruh! Let's hope Telltale doesn't disappoint.

        Glad to be back, I was pleased to see your name amongst the recent commenters. Apparently we have an entirely new journey ahead of us, what a time to be alive. :D

        • Likewise for Bloody Mary, my friend :) Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd like her back as well - she's quite a villain, isn't she?

          The news have awakened every sleeping fan of TWAU, especially those of the Old Crew ;)

          • Honestly I'd really dig to see her as more of an anti-hero this time, maybe even teaming up with Bigby at some point! I mean there's so much more of her character to be explored, and interesting that TTG actually did have something like this in mind originally, as implied by some of the unused audio files for her. Oh well, we'll just wait and see.

            You bet bro, I can picture this forum section rising from ashes as the news keep flowing in, like it's 2014 again. We can probably expect some more oldies to come back also. Old Crew is the best crew! :)

  • New characters for season 2:

    Prince Charming

  • Hope to see Toad, Nerissa, Holly and Colin again. Now, in terms of new characters, I'd go with Rose Red, Prince Charming and Cinderella.

    Late Edit: I forgot about Woody, I'd love to see him again.

  • Colin, Flycatcher, King Cole, Boy Blue, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Rose Red, and Nerissa/Faith. I would also like Telltale to add some new Fables like they did instead of just adding characters from the comic books.

    I definitely want Red Riding Hood to be in the next season. I know it's against the canon, but I want Telltale to add her in and give her more character depth than in the comics.

  • Characters I want to see return in season 2 (other than Bigby and Snow who are already confirmed):

    • Beauty and the Beast - loved Bigby's interaction with them (especially with Melissa Hutchinson and Gavin Hammon voicing them), and wouldn't say no to them returning.
    • Colin - enjoyed his constant sarcasm, and on and off bickering with Bigby. Sure, he might be stuck at the Farm (determinant), but he's prone to escape the Farm and sneaking into Bigby's apartment.
    • Flycatcher - he's naive, but interaction with him seemed like conversing with a good friend.
    • Bluebeard - Fabeltown's gotta have the egotistical self-absorbed baddie somewhere
    • Jack (Horner) - hate his character, but really enjoyed beating the heck out of him when I'm in "Bad Bigby Mode"

    New characters I'd like to see :

    • Cinderella (a.k.a. Cindy) - she's like the #1 new character I want to see. The Badass, sexy spy trained by Bigby.
    • Rose Red - to give Snow's storyline (other than with Bigby) more development. Plus, I want to see bickering between the 2 sisters.
    • Prince Charming - Kinda same reason as Rose Red, but adding egotistical to the mix. Also, Charming trying to get under Snow's good graces may get jealous reaction from Bigby?
    • Boy Blue and Pinocchio - In the comics, these two and Flycatcher are basically best friends. So it's only natural for them to show.
    • King Cole - in season 1, he had the excuse of "being away" (which made it a perfect setup for Crane being in charge). That excuse no longer applies with Crane being deposed. Plus Snow (as deputy Mayor) needs someone to answer to higher up.

    Characters I'd like to see, but doubt we'll see (again):

    • Toad and Toad Jr. - I liked them. But they've been sent to the Farm (regardless of Bigby's choice), so unless they are master at escaping the Farm like Colin, I'd say it's unlikely (since Bigby is prohibited from going to the Farm).
    • Weyland Smith - he's a character from main series that I would have liked to see, but unfortunately he's the administrator at the Farm, so chances are unlikely.
    • Nerissa/Faith - her character is one that I really enjoyed interacting with. To have Bigby care (or act caring) for someone other than Snow is a rare thing (and to my surprise, I liked greatly, despite always shipping Snigby). However, one major roadblock which stops her from returning is what happened to her at the end in the comics. Sure, the Crooked Man's fate is also different from the comics but currently both TWAU game and TWAU comic is considered to be canon because they're self contained story. And with Telltale teasing season 2 to be a new mystery and new storyline, I'd say it's not likely.
    • Bloody Mary - I loved her character, and Bigby's final fight with her was so awesome, but I have a feeling Telltale will develop new Big Bad for Bigby to faceoff (and with character like Mary, it has to be all or nothing (like in season 1), otherwise, it will basically be repetition of season 1.
    • Goldilocks - she's been a constant thorn in Snow and Bigby's side in the comics, so it might be good opportunity to introduce her in TWAU2. However, having said that it's been established as canon that she prefers the company of animal Fables rather than human Fables, so like Toad and Weyland, I'd say she's more likely a resident of the Farm.
    • Quite a list, I like it! Although I could do without Bluebeard, what a shithead.

      • But he has a voice of Dave Fennoy dude! That smooth as silk baritone of his.

      • I'm actually not that fan of the character myself, and yes he's a shithead in both season 1 and in the comics.

        That being said though, I think he was one of the few characters in season 1 where my Bigby can get away with swearing at that Snow didn't mind.

        So it's similar to Jack, which in his case it was more to getting away with physical abuse, and with Bluebeard, it's more to with psychological abuse (not that Bluebeard gives a damn whether my Bigby swears at him or not, but at least it makes me feel better).

        And yes, as TheZorkij mentioned Dave Fenroy voicing him is also another reason (which I forgot to mention in my original comment).

      • Also forgot to include one important character (other than Briar Rose whom Hazza has mentioned) - Totenkinder, the most powerful witch in Fabletown.

  • Boy Blue's my favourite comic character so I really wanna see him. Rose Red would be cool to see as well.

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