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Impressions on TOMI ep.2

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Want to hear what you thought about TOMI ep.2.

All I have to say is whoa. Without giving anything away for those who have not beaten it yet, the ending caught me off guard completly. I was not expecting that and now look forward to the next ep. Opening was very shocking as well (kinda reminded me of Evil Dead 2). Also was it just me or was anyone else turned on when Elaine was beging Guybrush to work with LeChuck. If it was just me, then.... forget I said anything.... in fact I never brought it up, it was the monkeys typing... ninja's.... Sam did it.:eek:
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  • My highlights having just finished:

    LeChuck's character design, and the art direction as a whole, was stupid-great. The ending foreshadowed by a certain item in the shack was brilliant. Michael Land's music during the end credits was fantastic. Cookie?

    It was much better than Cats. I will see it again and again.
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