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To the TWAU old timers

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For three years we all had Faith, and despite Telltale's Smoke and Mirrors display, we all knew it was just a Crooked Mile away, but after all we'd live to see this day. The new Season was hiding In Sheep's Clothing, despite thousands of fans growling. We now have no need to Cry Wolf again, as this is the end of our pain.

Welcome back old friends. Many of the old timers are still around and despite the initial worries, I am stoked to be able to be part of the full season of TWAU. Many of us joined around the final episode back in 2014 (this is where I popped up) and now it's time to rejoice under the Glamour Tree (unless you burned it (I did, she deserved it)) and step into the portal into... well hopefully not that creepy church potentially full of Tweedleblood.

It's good to be back home. I hope this forum will rise again into a new age of noir glory, as it once was. Cheers!

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  • Thanks mate.

    It's good to be back to this side of the forums.

  • enter image description here

    It's nice, my good man. Glad to see the fans flocking back from the good news. :3

  • Well, it will be nice to see all of us crotchety old timers flooding this forum again. ;)

  • Man I LOVE these family reunions! :') Cheers my comrade!

    This miraculous achievement is the merit of each and every one of us who showed fondness and passion for our beloved fabulous universe. I'm happy to share this journey with you, friends, and to be among the pillars of our glorious community. I'll see you all in Fabletown.

    Also, a shoutout to my old pallies @JamesDalton1995 and @ChuckTheLizard, hope to see you join us in these moments of joy.

  • awww this is so wholesome & pure

  • We have waited for this day for a long time. Our numbers dwindled, but the most loyal remained and never lost hope. And now, we are finally rewarded for our patience and faith. I only wish I could go back in time and tell us all "Don't despair - it's coming." No words will sum up our victory better than this magnificient toast:

    enter image description here

    Well, maybe except this one...

    enter image description here

  • I just found out today about Season 2. That's so awesome. Nice to be back with you all too.

  • September 2014 is when I joined this forum, and it was largely to post a topic about how Season 2 should be a narration from Bigby to his kids :P

    It feels good to be back here knowing that more Wolf is on the way. 2018 can't come quick enough...

    At least this time I'll be around to discuss the episodes when they come out haha

    • Yeah it's good to know we'll get more Wolf.

      I'll still wait for the whole season to be released before playing though (since that's how I played pretty much all the previous Telltale games). Guess I'll need to disappear from the forums couple of days before the first episode airs, and come back when all episodes are released, and I played through the season at least once.

      • You're brave. I've replayed Season 1 like 70 times (quite literally) and I know already that no matter what is going to happen I won't be able to refrain from playing the sh*t out of Season 2 as soon as it releases. I'm probably going to go as far as taking a day off at work just to set up a noir gaming night in celebration...

        Not to mention I'm probably going to preorder at least 3 copies of the game as soon as it hits the store: one for playing, one for looking at and one for sleeping with.

        • Haha, Thanks mate.

          I'm a bit bashful about how many times I've actually played Wolf (although I've played it most out of all Telltale games, I'd still say I played much less than you).

          I guess my experience in binging whole season at once has just been so far worth it (regarding Telltale games), that I actually prefer it this way rather than playing spread apart episodes. Some people may say the wait is too long, but I guess I'm pretty used to it (since I've been doing it since TWD season 1)

          Also, by the time Wolf starts, Telltales' Batman season 2 would have most likely be finishing its season 2 - and considering how much I enjoyed the first season [part of it is because I'm a huge Batman fan, though if I judge the game on its on merit objectively, I would say while excellent, it's not quite as good as TWAU season 1], it's something to keep me occupied among with other games (adding to that, I have a feeling TWD Final season will start from sometime in first half of 2018, since it's been announced TWAU season 2 will start release sometime on second half of 2018, so that I think would finish earlier than Wolf too).

        • Don't you have like 200+ hours on Steam playing that thing? :P

          • It's actually 375 hours as of now, but I haven't played it since early 2017 (tho I am really feeling an urge to go back ever since the Season 2 announcement).

            And for those who think that I idled most of that - you're wrong. TWAU was something that really helped me get out of a very deep hole when I first played it back in 2014, and ever since it became sort of my Zen space that I loved to escape into whenever my eternal depression ascended into unbearable levels.

            It might sound a bit weird, but it is what it is. Immersing myself in this noir world with the wonderful cast of characters is what makes me feel at home in a way and I cannot hide it even if people will call me insane. <3 Fabletown

      • I don't know how you muster the willpower to do that...

        • With the first 1 or 2 games it was pretty hard (I must admit). But then as I played more and more games, I basically got used to waiting (and stronger willpower), so I'm pretty much free from the "Waiting Syndrome" (and as I've said to Jacol above, there will be other games like Batman season 2 which full season will be released before Wolf (also possibly TWD final season), plus other games that will keep me busy.

  • I'm so happy, now I don't have to focus on the shitshow that was the new frontier, they better not mess this up.

    • Without spoiling anything:

      Could you tell me why A New Frontier is so badly received by fans? I have the full Season but haven't played it yet (btw I've fully played the other 3 TWD games, Michonne was my least favourite one)

      • I won't go into discussing plot because everyone has different opinions of it, but in terms of graphics, it is pretty much agreed by most people that some of the choices that they made were not very good (or horrible, depending on who you talk to).

        There are several instances of this, but one particular example that I always notice is how Kenny and Jane look downright weird/ugly compared to their looks in previous seasons (and that's one of primary concerns for many for Wolf, that Bigby and Snow gettting ANF's Kenny and Jane treatment).

        Frankly (no offense to any TWD fans but), I'm a bit relieved next season is the final for TWD. I didn't feel it when I was finishing TWD season 2, but I definitely did feel burnt out on the whole TWD series as I was finishing ANF.

    • I wish people wouldn't bring their ANF bashing into this forum. I only want to talk about Wolf.

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