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A couple of things I hope Telltale won't fuck up in s2

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  1. We don't want the game to be packed 100% to the brim with action sequences, (cough cough, ANF, cough cough) we want mystery. Bigby's a professional investigator.. take advantage of that.

  2. Bigby isn't JUST a badass. Sorry for bringing TWD into this again, but if you have played season 3 you'll know why I'm saying this. They Daryl Dixon'd Clementine's character and only added her into the story so we could see what an awesome badass she had become. Don't do this with Bigby.

  3. There are SO many characters in the comic book and they're all really cool. If you're going to add one in, don't forget about them midway into the story. If a character doesn't have any significance to the storyline, or is in the game JUST to be in the game, don't even bother adding them in. It's pretty annoying otherwise.

  4. The game doesn't have to have multiple endings for it to be good. Y'know what they say kids, "It's the journey that matters, not the destination."

Feel free to add anything else in the comments.

  • None of things you mentioned were a problem in the first season so I'm sure they wont be in the second one.

    • have you played TWD or nah

      • Yes, I have but I don't know what that has to do with this game.

        • lol okay.. i'll spell it out for you then. TWD season 1 wasn't bad but TWD season 3 was, at least in comparison. you're saying that because TWAU s1 didn't have what I mentioned above, TWAU s2 won't. it CAN and I won't be surprised if it does. hope that cleared it out for you.

          • Okay, calm it down for one. No need to be sarcastic and rude.

            Number two, as I suspected, this just seems to be another round about way to bash TWD season 3, and it really doesn't have anything to do with the quality of Wolf season 2. There's no reason to believe that theyre going to start doing things drastically different from the way they were before. Not everyone thinks Season three of TWD was bad, but even if they did, its a completely different animal from this game.

            • not trying to be sarcastic or rude but sorry if it came across that way.

              i'm not using this thread to bash TWD season 3, i'm using it as an example. the people who took a perfectly good game and ruined it are the same people making TWAU season 2. that's all i'm saying.

              "There's no reason to believe that theyre going to start doing things drastically different from the way they were before."

              there is, because thats what they did with TWD. compare season 1 to season 3 - the two are drastically different.

              not everyone thinks it's bad, correct, but its not a completely different animal from this game. they're both in the same genre of gaming, they're both made by the same company, they're both in the same style; multiple choice games.

              i'm not saying TWAU season2 will be BAD, i'm listing problems they could have if they create season 2 the same way they created TWD season 3.

              • As Jacol mentioned in my other thread, one thing to be possibly concerned about is that majority of the writers for TWAU season 1 are gone (moved onto other games companies), and these writers are replaced with new interns.

                So with that, while I'm incredibly happy we're getting TWAU season 2, I'm trying not to get too excited for it (cautiously optimistic, I guess).

                • ^^ thank you, thats what im saying

                  • Nah it's likely going to be close to New Frontier's level if all the decent writers left. Folks begged for a sequel and that's what they're getting for better or worse I suppose. They might feel since everyone begged them to do another that will leave plenty room for lazy error and no room for complaints.

                  • Being hyped about TWAU is good, but I'm trying to moderate my excitement (hence the term cautiously optimistic).

                    Almost nothing is known about TWAU season 2 except for the fact that Adam (Harrington) and Erin (Yvette) are returning, and while that itself is a HUGE plus (and one of the main reasons I loved season 1), the story's still gotta be solid (with it being a detective story), atmosphere has to be consistent with what they've set up in season 1 (noir), and it's gotta stay canon with (Bill) Willingham's Fables comics main series.

                    With it being canon, if they (Telltale) have Willingham to come as a consultant/advisor again like they did in season 1 (if they're not sure whether what they're doing breaks canon or not), then its problem solved, but plot/story and atmosphere/tone is solely up to Telltale.

                    I just hope the new interns are up to the task. They have pretty big shoes to fill, and since TWAU season 1, a lot of Telltales' games (with exception of TFTB and Batman season 1) have been borderlining somewhere between so-so to mediocre.

  • Agree with the not to much action and more detective stuff I hope they do scenes like Batman where you investigate certain areas and link objects together.

  • Here are my major hopes for the Season 2:

    5) As stated twice above already, I do hope that they are going to bring more detective gameplay into the fold. I enjoyed the Puzzle Agent games quite a bit, and while I wouldn't want to see puzzles which halt the story progress and get you stuck for a solid few minutes, I'd still love to be involved in solving the mystery beyond just promoting a new cutscene. It doesn't need to be elaborate, as many suggested they could reuse the concept of linking the evidence from Batman in form of Bigby's smell.

    4) This may be more personalized and cheesy wish, but for the christ sake I sincerely hope that for at least one time Snow is not going to be abused. She's been through enough shit with Prince Charming and even more recently with that sick f*ck Crane, I want her to be involved in the plot but in a less "personal" way, if you know what I mean. I just want her to be happy for once :3

    3) The impact of the choices in TWAU wasn't as much for me about the direct consequences of your actions, as it was about who your Bigby is and what his relationship was with the other characters. I hope they preserve that idea and allow for some interesting arguments to be fought both with fists and words.

    2) Keep the main menu and opening intro design - One thing that I loved about TWAU was that you got the noir vibes as soon as you launched the game and quite frankly TWAU's main menu may one in my top 3 favorite menus of all time. It instantly gets you in the mood with the music, the visuals and the font all blending together into a beautiful composition. Sadly all of the newer TTG games are just copypasted menu design with the same font, which worries me a bit since that magical aspect of TWAU's menu may be obliterated if they follow up this scheme. The opening intro is also a classic in my opinion, and it doesn't need to be changed altho I could live with a new one. They could just replace some shots while keeping the others perhaps, and leave the theme music as it was.

    1) Graphics / Engine. Usually, I don't care about those as much but TWAU was largely defined by its 80s noir atmosphere, the cell-shaded comic book look and I am just beyond anxious that they are going to mess it up so badly... I don't want Bigby and Miss White to share the same fate as Kenny and Jane did in ANF when it comes to the new models, I hope they are going to reuse a lot of the assets from S1. I don't mind the fact that the textures were a bit lower res, it all fit together very well and with the call shading being severely toned down in favor of new lighting system I just cannot see how the new kids at TTG could live up to the first season's standard.

    • I agree with your whole comment but especially with 1). I'm kind of anxious that they're gonna drastically change a characters face (like Bigby or Snow) but I guess only time will tell.

  • Agree to disagree on point #4, OP. Multiple endings make for great replay value if I know that some things will be different. Also, detective stories are all about the conclusion. Did you get the perp and if so how? Was the mystery solved? If so, how?

    I want more puzzles and detective things too, like snooping around or at least talking to people, but hey, it's Bigby. Communications will eventually break down and fists are going to fly.

    Characters I want to see return. The girl at the end of the story as a small reference or nod. I don't want to linger on the cliffhanger, somewhat ambiguous ending, but a small nod would be nice. I want to see more toad.They brought up the Mundy detective and drop her like a sack of rocks in Season 1 so I hope she comes back and plays a bigger role the second time around. Finally, goes without saying, but Bigby and Snow, duh. I hope they don't pull TWD and focus on someone else.

    I also want a more "complicated" mystery with twists and turns. I was a little disappointed about how straightforward TWAU became at the end.

    Nonetheless, I am pumped for season 2 as it is WAAAAAYYYYYY overdue.

    • agree, i just added that point in because everything about ANF felt forced. I agree that it'd be nice to see different endings depending on how good you were at investigating.

  • For me its going to be the art style, after ANF Im realy scared the game is going to look way different instead of just looking like Wolf Among Us 4 years later

  • What makes it already go downhill is making it for THE NEW PLAYERS. Seriously, it's one of the main reasons why A New Frontier is terrible. If Telltale doesn't suggest the new players play the first season, I will not buy it.

    • Thing is, I can kind of see the "New players" thing be true again.

      Since Telltale has confirmed that they don't want to reveal the truth behind that intriguing twist at the end of last season, this season will have a totally new mystery. This would still be a good jumping on point, as Telltale could still introduce things as new to newcomers but feel natural to old-timers. (But maybe Telltale's "confirmation" is false because we all know how their "Wolf 2 wont happen for a while" post went. I don't know what to believe anymore.)

      But I do agree that they shouldn't really do that. It makes us feel like we didn't really need to buy the first season, and this new one won't have any good references or detail to make people remember the previous season's events.
      Makes me wish Telltale should try a "Multi-season story" one day. Try to not have a season end on a good resolution point, and have the story end with a cliffhanger of some sort, where the next season can continue off of in half a year or so, and where people will need to understand the previous events for the upcoming segments. Have a villain that's prevalent throughout more than one season... make them feel elusive and powerful so that it isn't as easy for players to get at them as they originally thought.

    • When I just hear "The season is also gonna be for newcomers" I'm thinking: "Plz, forget about these about 2.5% newcomers and stick to your fans, who have been waiting for the season for frckin years now! If they want to play something with the words "season 2" in the name, they shall play the season 1 first for god's sake!"

  • You have some good points, I can agree on that. The connection you made with ANF is very true. I personally found that Telltale just wanted to express certain things, which lead to them forgetting important key points. I'm also pretty concerned and somewhat "scared" about how the art style of the game is going to look like on the new engine. For me, the game is a work of art itself, and visually it made the game even better. I honestly had nothing against the graphics. Additionally, I like your point about how they don't need several endings of the game to make it better. Lately, it feels like they always add in several endings to the game that don't matter in the end of the day. Obviously, I'm not saying it's bad, but you know.

  • Bring back S1's writers, if possible. They've got a great knack for characters and dialogue (not to mention gameplay appeal).

    1. More investigation sequences! (I really like the action ones too though). I am currently studying criminology in two different branches, so investigation in games/movies are truly entertaining, especially if done in a complex way. For example, types of bullet entrances and what they indicate, powder remains and what they point to, noticing details (Can intriguing objects be discarded as evidence because they show no signs of usage? Can a knife be discarded as evidence because it doesnt have trails/smells of blood -does it smell like bleach, indicating it had been washed? Can a suspect bathe and blow smoke on himself/use lots of perfume to hide something from Bigby's senses? etc), the possibility to connect evidence (like in Batman) and be able to do it even if you connect the dots wrong (and if you connect the evidence wrong then it has consequences).

    2. Action sequences. While playing Bigby you get the chance to A-be nice or B-rough up. When I choose to rough up, I would also like to have the option to stop. Because, for example, in season 1 when you choose to B-Threaten Todd, it lets you either shake him up or hit him. Now, I would have liked to JUST intimidate him (slowly kneeling in front of him), but I didn't want to shake or punch him. It wouldn't be such a Black or White situation that way. I would have liked to Intimidate him (so Todd will be intimidated of Bigby even later on)(Todd would still have an attitude later on), and then gone back to simple questioning (so Todd now is like "you cant play good cop AND bad cop, Bigby!" or something) BUT its more realistic -in my opinion.
      Another example is when you are questioning Dee (or was it Dum?) and you grab the bottle. You get to either Smash his face, or Offer him some. I would have liked the option to Drink myself, or to just Intimidate him/Threaten him with it (placing the bottle on his head, leaning close, passive-aggressive sentence). This example applies to more of the scenarios presented in the game.
      Last example of this: When you are fighting forgot-his-name at the bar, where you get the option to Tear his arm off or Let him Be. Now, I would have liked to be able to Stop while tearing his arm off (therefore bruising it/slight dislocation) -or- get to kick him once more time before letting him be.

    3. No Romance necessary. Me -and surely some others- don't like the idea of Needing the character to fall in love in someone. I get this is very common in most (if not all) hero stories, because it helps you connect with the character. Its not because I dislike Snow. I'm also not saying this because I don't want there to be love in this story at all (especially because its canon and all), but because I want the Choice to be with her or not. It is a game of choices after all, so here is what I propose:
      -Love ending: You and Snow are fully crushing on each other at the end, giving you that "just kiss already" vibes. She sees the Big Good Wolf.
      -Neutral ending: Snow gives Bigby shit from the beginning (according to what I have heard from the comics), and Bigby feels pushed away by her constant nagging and decides to stop being so flirtatiously Nice to her. They are just Partners, maybe friends, but no romance.
      -Lone wolf ending: You not only don't end up loving her, but you also sass her back. Snow seems hurt but not surprised (because she was being sassy first, then she tunes down the sass -but keeps getting shit-, so then she gets distant). Both are tense and dislike each other, although Bigby takes his usual cold-shoulder approach while Snow is more expressive in her dislike. She sees the Big Bad Wolf.

    4. MORE ENDINGS. The thing we love about telltale games is that you can have more than one ending. What adds value to this company -and differentiates it from the rest- is this very thing (plus the art style of course). I tend to notice that writers/directors/producers like their game so much that they avoid adding "non-optimal" endings to the game because they love them too much to accept that players can have choices that figuratively give a f-you to the optimal storyline.
      -Ending A: Good ending. You are the Big Good Wolf + You solve the case because you tied up most/all of the evidence. (you also get a trophy if you tie up all the evidence correctly). Maybe even get Snow's love (or not)
      -Ending B: Bad ending. You are the Big Bad Wolf + You solve the case because you tied up most/all the evidence. Snow is disappointed/hurt (or maybe just plain angry). People seem distant, fearful, and hateful.
      -Ending C: Neutral ending. You are the Big Wolf + You solve the case (...). You have done good and bad actions equally. People don't like you, but they admit you have done your job, therefore protecting them. They seem distant, respectful/accepting, fearful (but no hate).
      -Ending D: Good but Useless. You are good, but you suck as a detective. You couldn't connect most/all of the evidence, throwing your finger around and accusing people, getting the wrong leads and getting nowhere, heading to a wrong place while the Deal was going down somewhere else. Snow solves it. People see you as useless and weak.
      -Ending E: Bad and Useless. You are bad, and you also suck. You couldn't connect crap. Beating up people for nothing, threatening almost everyone that had nothing to do with it, getting people dead as a result of your actions (people attacking the supposed "killer", etc) . Snow solves it. People are Very afraid of you, they hate you, see you as a brainless animal. You get demoted of your Sheriff status. (Maybe you end up being a paid thug to pay for his food? don't know).
      -Ending F: Beast ending. Irrelevant if you solve the case or not. You keep on losing control throughout the game, becoming a full werewolf (or even wolf) wherever you go and things are easier, people spit information easy, however bad guys hide and are harder to catch (but oh boy you catch 'em). You keep de-attatching people's limbs, attacking people around, going full-beast at whoever crosses your way. This unlocks the options to growl instead of talking in almost every conversation. In the final scene of the game you lose control again and accidentally end up hurting innocent people even more. They end up sending you to The Farm (but you escape and decide to leave as a wolf in the forest, civilization turned out to bee too much for you).
      These are just some ideas though, would love if endings were also altered depending on who dies, etc.

    5. Graphics. I rather have Telltale sticking to the same graphic format as the First game. I have peeked at the Guardians of the Galaxy one, and I really dislike that style. What makes Telltale unique is its art style. The moment you go full-3D, is the moment people will complain about the 3D being too unrealistic. People like the Telltale art because its unique, nice, and different. "Less is More" definitely applies here.

    6. Characters! Don't be afraid to add more characters, even if they aren't important later on, even if they don't re-appear. The more characters there are, the more immersive the game is. A detective is surrounded by all the uncertainties of the world surrounding him. All these people: who are involved? who knows something? who is hiding something? who have a different agenda? You could use this, and expand this.
      You can add more things to the main story's Problem and make the plot much richer:
      -Maybe "The Farm" animals are plotting an escape, a riot, complaining about high Glamour prices. And other non-farm characters are backing them up. If you have their support, they might help you later on.
      -A group of people plotting against you, or against Snow (same thing), or against something unfair. They use symbols (scribbling them around), they might know some information about The Main Problem but can't say anything because, if they spoke up, they would be in trouble.
      -More of those "I just hate you Wolf, F you" characters. They may care about The Main Problem, but they wouldn't help you out if you paid them. Unmoving obstacles that challenge Bigby's patience.
      -More of those "Oh-hi Bigby" characters, like Beauty, or Pig. She didn't hate you, she wasn't fully relevant to the main story, she helped you out once or twice. The purpose of these characters would be to test Bigby's integrity. Would he lie for them? Would he cover for them (even if it meant going against snow)? How does he treat them? Is he kind -maybe too kind? Or does he give a cold shoulder? These characters COULD give you some small hints on how to connect evidence that you have already gotten (in case you didn't connect the dots right) -or- accidentally misguide your connections. (this last bit would depend on being Good -where they give it willingly-, or bad -you push them-, or beastly -you attack them-)

    7. Hints, clues. Be able to look at inventory objects. Have a little notebook with collected evidence. In that notebook you would be able to look at your evidence, and write (or re-write!) down hypotheses. Your connected dots can change according to new evidence, or altogether. Bigby needs to be careful here, because he could still connect dots that look right -but arent. And no one will change those for him. Different Clues or Hints are given discreetly and not-so discreetly. Examples:
      -Descriptions of items collected in Inventory (these options only appear if you Choose to check these objects out): Their smell could indicate something, like "this spoon covered in blood smells just like this bar", "this box of matches is from his motel, look at the brand", "this package of cheap cigarettes is old (smell) but barely used. So it's from someone who smokes rarely or secretly", "this piece of fabric smells like bleach, bleach is used to clean blood", "The handwriting on this found note is from a Fable, I should check out people's handwritings and see who it matches", etc.
      -More clues to find, more evidence. Most objects have details, some useful, some not. This way you don't just "happen to stumble on all the right evidence". For example, when looking at a corpse, maybe you check out it's pockets and nothing there (or inside the mouth, ears, nose, etc; and still nothing). Or when looking around an apartment: you can check all drawers, behind most objects, check under objects, etc.

    I have some more ideas, but this post is already too long, and I am sure the TellTale team can come up with a hundred more ideas than I can. However, I would love if these ideas are considered!

  • I love TWAU so I'm hyped for a second season but at the same time after the clusterfuck that was ANF I'm also worried if Telltale has just lost it..

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