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Will Bigby be the protagonist of season 2?

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Have you guys considered the possibility that Bigby will not be the protagonist of Season2? TTG has a thing for switching the leads, TWD S2 and S3, TFTB being examples. From what I've recalled the Fables comics actually had some other characters as point of view ones if I'm not mistaken. Whats your opinion on this?

  • I don't think so, imagine how the fans will react. You are right about the comics, sometimes it followed the points of view of other characters but Bigby was always the #1 protagonist.

  • "The Wolf Among Us" title doesn't make a whole lot of sense without Bigby.

  • Nope.

    Aside from the fact that the title "The Wolf Among Us" itself is a dead giveaway that Bigby is the lead, even in the comics, while it is an ensemble piece (with points of view of several characters), Bigby's storyline/point of view has the biggest portion out of them all (followed by Snow) - hence Bigby and Snow are generally treated as the poster characters for Fables.

  • Considering that it's called The Wolf Among Us, I highly doubt we'll get a new protagonist.

  • I honestly hope they won't change a protagonist. Playing as Bigby is just too cool. Besides, as people already noticed, the title is very specific as to who is the lead character (and who will be one, since second season is simply called "The Wolf Among Us: Season Two") :)

  • After ANF I think Telltale learned to not fuck around with the protagonist, plus like Warspeed said, why call it "The Wolf Among Us" if you dont even play as the Wolf anymore

  • He’s going to be also Adam Harrington is there and the title has “wolf” in it so it’s a dead giveaway.

  • Yes and no. We will predominantly play as a new character named Jose, while Bigby will be advertised as a co-PC who will be hugely important to the story, but will really just be reduced to a glorified side character who is only playable in 5 minute flashbacks in 4 of the 5 episodes.

  • I expect Telltale to pull the "newcomers will be able to fit in just fine" crap like they did with ANF, BATMAN, AND MINECRAFT.

    • I doubt it. Telltale stated outright in their announcement video that S2 has been forced into existence solely by the fans. Trying to appeal to "newcomers" (at least in terms of how they tried to appeal to "newcomers" with ANF) would be weird.

      Besides, NOT playing as Bigby seems a little daft. He pretty much checks all the necessary boxes for a video game protagonist.

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        HiroVoid Moderator

        Batman S2 still has a lot of references to S1, and it's generally a poor marketing move to go "You need to play this old game before buying our new game."

        • So's killing off Kenny/Jane in a sloppily constructed flashback.

          My point is, the pendulum can swing just as far in one direction as it can in the other. ANF is an example of what happens when game developers go overboard trying to wipe the slate clean.

        • Hiro is right. Most costumers dislike being handled like Just Buyers. Nowadays you need to please the costumer, and you can't do that while you make them pay for way more than they intended to.

          • What on earth are you talking about? At no point did I say it should be mandatory for new customers to pick up an earlier installment. Both you and Hiro are collaborating on a massive straw man argument. I'm criticizing the "nope, forget that, we're moving on" mentality which contributed to ANF's downgrade in quality.

  • I seriously doubt that they would make you play as someone else, even for a short amount of time. You just can't sideline a character like Bigby. The examples given were manageable because of how those games and their worlds were established. It's just too big of a risk on Telltale's part.

    Think of it more in terms of how Batman was done, they are both too essential to the appeal and the narrative of their games.

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